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Pro's and Con's of Hybrid Cars

It’s now common to see hybrid cars on many UK roads and in most of the major cities in Europe. Car buyers are looking to find vehicles that are more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient than combustion engine cars, that’s why there has been a growing demand for hybrid and full-electric vehicles in recent times. If you’re thinking of buying a hybrid car, it’s best to know the pros and cons first so that you will know what to expect from it. Let’s dive right in and look at the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars! 🚗

Pros of Hybrid Vehicles

A Greener Option than Petrol or Diesel Cars

A major advantage of choosing a hybrid vehicle is that it’s much cleaner than the usual combustion engine car. It’s also more fuel-efficient so you can enjoy better mileage. 

All in all, it’s a more environmentally friendly option because its engine and electric motor reduce fuel consumption, which also reduces CO2 emissions. With more people shifting to green cars, air quality can improve in our busy and polluted cities. 🍃

Hybrid Cars Start and Stop Automatically

Whenever a hybrid car comes to a stop, it shuts off its engine automatically. To restart the car, you simply have to press down on the accelerator. This kind of automation is simpler for hybrid vehicles because of their electric motors. The added power that the electric motor provides means that the car doesn’t need a big combustion engine. 

The batteries of hybrid cars power auxiliary loads while also reducing engine idling whenever the car stops. Altogether, these features help in making the car more fuel-efficient without affecting the vehicle’s performance. 

Recharging the Battery via Regenerative Braking

Depending on the type of hybrid car you choose, it might not be necessary to plug it into an external power source to recharge the battery. Hybrid vehicles have a mechanism called regenerative braking where whenever you apply the brake, it recharges the battery. 

This works by capturing the released energy and then delivering it to the battery where power is stored. This is a great feature of hybrid cars because your vehicle has a way of recharging itself without needing to rely on a dedicated power outlet.  

Greater Demand and Higher Resale Value

Fossil fuel is expensive so more and more car buyers are transitioning to alternative vehicles like hybrid cars. If you buy a hybrid vehicle now and then decide to resell it in the future, you’ll get to enjoy a higher resale value for it. 

Hybrid cars don’t depreciate as fast as conventional combustion engine vehicles. There’s also a high demand for second-hand hybrid cars today and this will likely continue in the next years when the ban on fossil fuel cars will be implemented. Buying a hybrid car can be a good investment because you can still get good money for it in the future. 

Cons of Hybrid Cars

Hybrids Can Be More Expensive 

Since the cost of making hybrid cars is high, it affects the prices of hybrid cars for sale and many car buyers are discouraged by this. However, while this is the reality today, this may not be the case anymore soon. 

The technologies used in making hybrid vehicles are always advancing so the manufacturing process becomes cheaper and cheaper, and consequently, the price tags of hybrid cars will become more affordable for car buyers. 

It’s Best for City Driving

The combustion engines of hybrids are typically smaller than what’s found in diesel or petrol vehicles. The car’s electric motor can only provide added power to the engine or allow you to drive in a full-electric mode in short distances and at low speeds. 

Combined,  the electric motor and small combustion engine have less power than a conventional car. Car buyers can’t expect this type of car to be super fast. But for driving in the city, a hybrid car can perform excellently. 

Not Many Hybrid Car Mechanics

Since hybrid vehicles have only become more popular recently, there are not a lot of auto mechanics who specialise in them. Also, since the technologies of this dual-engine car are always developing and changing, this means car specialists have to be constantly learning about how to properly care for and maintain such vehicles. 

For now, car owners of hybrid cars may find it challenging to find a well-experienced auto mechanic. If they do find one, it’s possible that the cost is higher than if their cars were the usual petrol or diesel ones. Nonetheless, many hybrid car manufacturers offer up 3, 5, and even 7-year warranties so you don’t have to worry if issues arise. 

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

The answer to this question depends a great deal on your needs, finances, and preferences. For example, do you only need a car for city driving? Then you won’t have problems owning a hybrid car. But if you need to frequently drive long distances, then a hybrid vehicle may not be the most economical option for you. 

As for the cost of buying a hybrid car, it’s more expensive than conventional cars, yes, but it has its own set of advantages as well. You may enjoy lower taxes and congestion charges since your car emits less CO2 than diesel or petrol vehicles. 

And of course, your preferences are important in your decision-making process as well. You may have certain expectations about what a car should be and you may find hybrid cars too different from what you’ve gotten used to. 

The best way to get to know hybrid vehicles more is to visit a trusted dealership, talk to the salespeople and ask questions. You might also want to take a hybrid car that you like for a test drive

This way, you’ll experience what it’s like to drive a hybrid vehicle first-hand. When you’re ready to buy a new car, you’ll have all the information you need to make the best decision for you. If you’re looking to buy a family car, make sure to take them with you on the test drive so that they can also tell you what they think! 

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