The 10 Best Podcasts to Listen to in the Car

If you're not listening to a podcast, just what are you doing? In the UK, around 12% of the population fires up a podcast, and it's becoming one of the nation's favourite past times. We listen to podcasts when we're at home, while out running, on the train and, you guessed it, when we're driving

Whether you're going on a road trip or taking that long drive into work, listening to a podcast can speed the journey up (in your head, at least) while providing some great takes and insights. But which podcasts should you listen to? We've put this guide together, listing the best podcasts to listen to while you're in the car. 

1) WTF with Marc Maron

How does a comedian interviewing comedians sound for brightening up your long journey down the M1 on that trip to visit your nan? What started as a humble podcast for comedian Marc Maron to get a few thoughts off his chest turned into WTF, a world-wide smash listened to by millions. He's even had Barack Obama on the podcast. It's a fun and easy listen for your next long trip. 

2) Ear Hustle

What's life inside the US prison system like, you ask? Listen to Ear Hustle, which is now in its fifth season, to find out. The non-fiction podcast from Radiotopia provides a 30-minute show telling funny, intimate, heart-rending and challenging stories about life inside a prison. So good is Ear Hustle that it's been listed for a Pulitzer Prize in Audio Reporting. 

3) Top Gear Rearview

We were always going to include a car-related podcast in any guide about the best podcasts to listen to in a car, and Top Gear is the chosen one. The TV show is practically a national treasure, and the podcast looks back at the TV show and revisits some of its most iconic moments. Turn on your engine, and press play on Top Gear Rearview. 

4) TED Radio Hour

Get inspired by some of the best minds in business while listening to TED Radio Hour, an hour-long podcast hosted by Manoush Zomorodi. Manoush narrates some of the best ideas from Ted speakers, including everything from digital transformation to humane city planning. Who knows? You might just unearth a great business idea on your next long drive. 

5) Six Minutes

If you're looking for a short, snappy podcast for those quicker drivers, get listening to Six Minutes. The fiction podcast offers a fast-paced narrative, with each episode lasting only six minutes. The story features superpowers, robots, and remote islands – and probably a live-action film in the near future. 

6) Stuff You Missed in History Class

For those of you who consider yourself history buffs, you'll want to listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class, which depicts parts of history you may have missed during school. Learn about everything from the intricate details around major historical events to the history of, erm, doughnuts and everything in between. 

7) Song Exploder

Ever wondered how a great song comes together? Song Exploder consists of 20-minute episodes with musicians unpacking their music, talking about how a song came to be, the inspiration behind it and the process of making it. Instead of listening to songs on your next drive, why not learn about how they were made instead? 

8) Office Ladies

Who doesn't love the US version of The Office? No one, that's who. Following the shenanigans of Michael Scott and chums is comfort TV at its best, and now you can enjoy some comfort podcasting on your drive with Office Ladies. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam Beesly and Angela Martin respectively, team up to talk all things The Office. It's a trip down memory lane and a great podcast to listen to in the car. 

9) Why Won't You Date Me?

Get a funny take on the world of dating with host Nicole Byer, who spends each episode going through the modern-day world of dating and everything it entails. Nothing is off-limits in Why Won't You Date Me, whether she's talking about swiping on apps, open relationships and much more in this raunchy podcast. 

10) Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Legendary late-night US talk-show host, Conan O'Brien, needs a friend, so he's created a podcast to solve his problem. Each episode is full of laughs, as Conan interviews a bunch of celebrities. It's essentially his TV show in podcast form, which is great news for fans of late-night talk TV. 

Podding away on your trip

There you have it – 10 great podcasts to listen to the next time you're behind the wheel. Whether you're after something funny, inspirational, serious or just a great story, these podcasts more than have you covered and will make your next drive even more exciting.