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Dive into our world where cars and pop culture collide. Explore articles that celebrate the iconic cars from movies, celebrity car collections, and the perfect car-themed music playlists. Whether you're a movie buff, music lover, or simply a car enthusiast, let us take you on a journey through cars and entertainment.

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What are UK parties pledging to drivers in the 2024 general election?

As the 2024 general election approaches, the major parties are eagerly trying to push their manifestos, but do you know how each party’s promises...

📊 Poll: Would you buy a used car from these politicians?

As the UK general election approaches, a new poll provides a tongue-in-cheek reflection on the public's trust in politicians. 

The survey,...

Car Emoji Quiz: Can You Guess These Popular Car Brands?

Test your car knowledge with this fun emoji quiz 😀

Icon Diana Ross and Her Iconic Cars

Music legend Diana Ross may not be known for her obsession with cars, but she certainly knows how to pick a luxurious ride.

Barbie on a Budget: Affordable Pink Cars

Pink is in and we're all here for it! UK Google search terms for 'Barbie car' sky-rocketed by 66% after the highly-anticipated movie rolled out in...

Don't Worry Darling: Cars They Used In The Film

Don't Worry Darling is a psychological thriller film directed by Olivia Wilde. This 1950s movie follows the story of a young housewife named Alice,...

The Walking Dead Cast Have Some Killer Cars

The Walking Dead is a favourite among viewers who love a good story about a post-apocalyptic world and how the survivors navigate their way to live...

The Best Barbie Cars Over the Years

Welcome to Barbie's World, where the pink is brighter, the fashion is always on point, and the Kenergy is off the charts.

What better way to...

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