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Daniel Fullen

15 November, 2023

Very simple app to navigate

Mike Powell

15 November, 2023

Couldn’t have been easier!

The process was incredibly quick, efficient and simple. They had support staff on hand at any stage I didn’t quite understand and were very quick to reply to an email if needed. Cannot recommend enough.

K Such

15 November, 2023

Very smooth process 👌. A bit problems with the app but customer service was very helpful and sorted out the issue. A* service


14 November, 2023

Really easy and user friendly

Mackenzie Lambert

14 November, 2023


Everything was so effortless. The app and website are easy to understand and use. And the people behind it seem genuinely interested in looking after you.

L Brisley

14 November, 2023

Excellent car finance app

Excellent experience. Very user friendly app. Takes you through the buying process step by step. Also each car you look to buy is given a history check and valuation guide.


12 November, 2023

It was so easy and fast, couldn’t believe it. Also my dealer got credited in minutes, hey guys, im recommending carmoola to you, regardless of your credit scores, they got you covered. I love CARMOOLA, no jokes. 😁💪🏽


12 November, 2023

The best in business

Hey everyone! Just had to share my amazing experience with Carmoola! 🚗💨 From the moment I reached out for help, they were on top of it. Kayleigh, you're an absolute rockstar! 🌟 She was lightning-fast in replying, super helpful, and kept her cool throughout. Carmoola's guidance and support were top-notch. No waiting on hold and quick replies made me feel like a VIP. Overall, my experience was excellent. Highly recommend Carmoola to anyone who wants a smooth and stress-free ride. Thanks, Carmoola team!, Kev, Tom, Hayley and Kayleigh, You guys rock! 🙌"


12 November, 2023

10 stars; awesome experience

Applied for a refinancing through Carmoola. I must say, the experience was absolutely brilliant; exhilarating in fact. The app is so amazing, it felt as if it was AI; every step was a dream come true. I have reduced my monthly payments by 25% and the application was so, so smooth and very efficient. No calls, no wait. Absolutely brilliant. They have made a payment to my previous financing company within 20 minutes !! I would give it 10 stars out of 5 !!

Lewis Stevens

11 November, 2023

Finance made simple!! First time buying a car through finance, couldn't have been made easier. I think this is the future of car financing.

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