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Stay up to date with trending automotive and fintech topics. From vehicle launches and industry updates to behind-the-scenes diaries from the Carmoola team, we've got it all here. Whether you're a car enthusiast, industry professional, or curious about the latest automotive trends, you're in the right place.


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In Conversation With... Matthew Dicks

Every week, we have a company-wide call to celebrate our values. And, every so often, we invite a special guest to share their insights and career...

Carmoola’s going to Kazakhstan 🚗 🌍

Well, sort of. 

We're all about embracing adventure, taking on challenges, and pushing boundaries. Oh, and used cars, of course!

That's why we're...

Capital markets at Carmoola - Who, what, and why?

In May we welcomed a fresh face to the Carmoola team. Frédéric de Benoist - aka Fred to you and me - joined us as our new (and first) director of...

The Cost of Driving Crisis: Expenses Affecting UK Drivers in 2024

Whether you’ve just passed your test or you’re a seasoned driver, there’s no denying that running a car can be expensive. When you add up car...

Expanding our reach with continued product innovation

We’re all about continuous innovation and expanding what we offer so that more people can experience Carmoola.

That’s why I'm excited to introduce...

Enhancing Customer Experience: Carmoola's Journey in Customer Segmentation

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, understanding customers is paramount.

Driving Change: Telling Fintech Focus TV about Carmoola’s journey

Carmoola is on a journey to redefine car financing, driven by our shared vision to empower consumers with a transparent, fair, and efficient way to...

In Conversation With... Nigel Morris

We were joined by a special guest at our latest company call - a weekly ritual where we shout out colleagues who have lived our values. Nigel Morris,...

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