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Stay up to date with trending automotive and fintech topics. From vehicle launches and industry updates to behind-the-scenes diaries from the Carmoola team, we've got it all here. Whether you're a car enthusiast, industry professional, or curious about the latest automotive trends, you're in the right place.


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Enhancing Customer Experience: Carmoola's Journey in Customer Segmentation

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, understanding customers is paramount.

Driving Change: Telling Fintech Focus TV about Carmoola’s journey

Carmoola is on a journey to redefine car financing, driven by our shared vision to empower consumers with a transparent, fair, and efficient way to...

In Conversation With... Nigel Morris

We were joined by a special guest at our latest company call - a weekly ritual where we shout out colleagues who have lived our values. Nigel Morris,...

Carmoola Raises £15.5 Million to Help Even More People Find and Finance Their Dream Cars

LONDON, JANUARY 2024 - Carmoola, the UK-based fintech specialising in direct-to-consumer car finance, has announced a £15.5 million equity investment.

Driving With Kids - Fines and Driving Laws You Need To Know!

When it comes to driving with children in the car, most drivers are extra cautious and keep an eye out for any potential dangers on the road.


Crash for Cash Scammers on Mopeds Increase Alert

"Crash for Cash" scams are nothing new, but there's a worrying trend on our roads as they've more than doubled in the space of a year. Scammers on...

Top 7 Things I’ve Learnt From Carmoola

Hey, I’m Dan, Head of Performance Marketing at Carmoola. My key responsibilities include running all our paid digital channels (Meta, TikTok etc),...

Emissions-Based Parking Fees - What You Need to Know

Parking fees are a familiar part of urban life, a small but significant detail in the daily routines of many drivers. However, a new trend is...

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