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Discover everything you need to know about car finance in our dedicated articles. Tips on buying a new car, exploring different loan options, or seeking advice on refinancing, we've got you covered with our expert guides. Check out interest rates, loan terms, credit considerations, and more!

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Which credit reference agencies do lenders use?

When applying for car finance, your credit score can make a significant difference to the APR you’re offered, your repayment amounts and the overall...

What is negative equity car finance?

Anything with the word ‘negative’ in its name is understandably likely to ring alarm bells, but if you’re one of the many people who find themselves...

How long does information stay on your credit report?

What does your credit report say about you? This ever-evolving bank of information gives lenders a unique insight into how you manage your money....

What does ‘approved in principle’ mean?

There’s nothing quite like getting that notification and seeing the word ‘approved’ after submitting a car finance application. But before you start...

Can I buy a car on a credit card?

Weekly food shop, cinema trip, flights to somewhere sunny – almost every purchase you make can be paid on credit card. But what about high ticket...

How to Improve Your Credit Score

If you’re planning on financing your next set of wheels, a good credit score doesn't just increase your chances of approval. It also paves the way to...

The Used Car Finance Market Is Changing Rapidly

In a financial landscape where regulatory scrutiny is heightened and consumer trust is waning, the direct-to-consumer proposition offered by Carmoola...

Do Hire Purchase Car Loans Have a Balloon Payment?

When exploring hire purchase as a car finance option, you may be wondering if these loans include a balloon payment 🎈

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