Can I Get Car Finance If I Have CCJ?

Can you still get car finance with CCJ? There are no restrictions if you plan to apply for car finance while you have a CCJ. However, you should know that it might be a challenging task for you to accomplish. Before you apply for financing, it’s important that you first understand how having a CCJ will affect your application. There are ways to improve your chances of getting approved though. That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. 

What Does It Mean to Have a CCJ?

CCJ stands for County Court Judgement. This can be brought against a person in the event that there is no response to repayments from the lenders. You may receive this if the financing companies have issued a written warning regarding your outstanding balance with them. 

A CCJ will state how much you owe, and along with that, they will also inform you that they will take legal action if the amount is not paid within a specific period. Keep in mind that CCJs will stay on record for six years even if you have paid back the lenders. 

If you have a CCJ, it will make it difficult for you to get into a car finance deal. That’s the reality of this situation. But there’s no law that states you can no longer apply for car finance. What you have to understand is that financing companies want to make sure that you can pay them back if they ever grant you car financing. 

Having a CCJ will make lenders think that you cannot be reliable in making repayments. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to get car finance. The personal circumstances you’re in play a factor in how lenders will decide whether to give you financing or not. 

For example, the lenders will look into the details of your CCJ, such as the amount you owe, whether you’ve repaid it or if you’re making the repayments and the amount of time that has passed since the CCJ issuance. Those details can play an important role in determining if you’ve improved how you handle your finances since the CCJ. 

How a CCJ Affects Your Credit Record

Having a CCJ can negatively impact your credit record and score. It will state that you were unable to pay back the lenders that granted you loans. Since the CCJ will remain on your credit record for six years, it will impact your future loan applications. This is because most lenders will see you as a high-risk client and they may not be willing to give you credit. 

You would have to work hard on improving your credit record. Start by paying your outstanding debts, pay your bills on time every month, and try not to use your credit card too often. It’s crucial that you can show the lenders that you’ve been responsible with your finances even if you have been issued with a CCJ. 

Can I Get Car Finance with CCJ?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can get car finance even if you have a CCJ. But bear in mind that it might be difficult to find a lender who will grant you car finance. What you can do here is either wait for the right time when the six years has passed or you may get a guarantor to back you up on your car finance application. 

If you have a guarantor who has a good credit record and score, it can help increase your chances of getting car finance. Of course, you and your guarantor should have a full understanding of the responsibilities you’re about to undertake. If you won’t be able to make the payments, the guarantor has to be the one to pay for them. 

Your guarantor can be a family member or friend. You cannot get your spouse as a guarantor though. See to it that the guarantor understands that they will be responsible for making payments in case you cannot. Of course, make sure that you can pay what’s due so that your guarantor won’t have to worry about your financial responsibilities. 

Ask For Help from an Expert

You may seek the assistance of a finance specialist who handles car finance applications of clients with CCJ. Having someone to guide you through the process can increase your chances of getting car finance. They can advise you on the specific steps you need to take so you can prove to finance companies that you can still be a good client even if you have a CCJ. 

Another option is to look for car finance companies that focus on providing credit to people with CCJ and other records. There are many lenders that actually understand your situation and are willing to provide credit. If you were issued a CCJ some years ago, it’s possible that your situation now is different. You just need to prove to the lenders that you are a more responsible client now. 

Provide More Information to Lenders

Don’t be surprised if a car finance company requests more information from you. It’s simply because they want to understand your situation better and determine if you’re still high-risk.

Giving them the information they need will help your application more. They might ask for proof of income, bank statements, and other documents. Each car finance company will have their own requirements so be sure to check what they need to better assess your application. 


If you have a CCJ, it would be best if you can wait for six years to pass so you can apply for car finance without having to worry about it. However, six years is a long time to wait so you may also get a guarantor who can vouch for you.

Make sure that you help yourself so you can be in the best position to apply for financing. Pay off what you owe on time every time and try not to max out your credit cards. This will show lenders that even if you have a CCJ, you’ve been doing what you can to be more responsible with your finances.