Can Disabled Drivers Get Car Finance?

Having a disability should not be a hindrance when it comes to buying a car. But can disabled drivers get car finance? If you have a disability and want to enjoy the convenience and benefits of driving your own vehicle, you can apply for car financing. Getting disabled driver car finance in the UK is simple. 👍


How to Choose Cars for Disabled Drivers

With a big decision such as purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to consider a few things first before signing a car finance agreement. The first thing you want to check when looking for cars is if the vehicle can accommodate your particular disability. For example, can it be easily converted so you can drive the car? There are cases where it’s necessary to change some parts of the vehicle so that it can be driven with ease. You may need to have hand controls for the break and acceleration, for example. 

Some people who have specific limitations in their movement don’t always need to make significant changes to their vehicle. They can buy a vehicle with an automatic transmission instead of a manual one, so they don’t have to use the gear stick or clutch. But if you do need to make adjustments to the car,  there is financial help out there.

Can I get financial assistance as a driver with a disability?

The UK government offers a range of financial assistance, from the Blue Badge Scheme to the Motability Scheme, to full or partial road tax exemptions, to VAT exemptions on the cost of vehicle adjustments and leases. You can learn more about this financial assistance from the government and see whether you're eligible to apply. 

Car Finance for Disabled UK Drivers

When you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you can't enjoy driving your own car. Many people with different disabilities can manage driving a vehicle just fine. There are some individuals who may not be able to operate a standard car because of their disability. That’s why their cars are modified so that they can drive them comfortably and safely. Plenty of mobility centres in the UK are ready to modify cars with specific technologies so that it will be easier for disabled people to drive. Some of the changes include clutch conversions, steering aids, and other changes that will allow you to operate the accelerator and brake pedals using your hands instead of your feet.

Can I get car finance if I have a disability? 

In the same way that your disability shouldn’t restrict you from driving, it also shouldn’t discourage you from applying for car finance. Those with disabilities can apply for car finance, and the car financing company might even assist you in finding the most suitable vehicle for your specific needs. You can get a car that can be easily modified if you need the vehicle to be adapted to your requirements.

Car finance companies can help by recommending cars and vehicles that have adequate technology to alleviate any challenges you may experience when driving. And when it comes to car financing itself, the process of evaluating your application will not be different because of your disability. For as long as you’re qualified to drive and you meet the requirements, your circumstances won’t be a factor in your car finance application. 

Will my disability affect my car finance application?

Will lenders reject my application for car finance if I have a disability? Generally, it shouldn't matter if you have a disability as long as you meet the requirements set by the lender and you have a full driving licence. Your disability would only be a factor if you can’t work because of it.  Also, if you were, for some reason, unable to claim your disability benefits, that may also affect your application. However, don’t be disheartened because this doesn’t mean you will be immediately disqualified. 

When applying for car finance, it's important that you are able to show the car finance company that you are not a high-risk applicant. Demonstrate that you can be responsible when it comes to paying back the loan every month. You may show them your bank statement (or these can, with your consent, easily be viewed via the open banking system) as proof that you have enough funds coming in every month to repay the car loan. 

This is also true for applicants who are unemployed and are receiving a disability allowance. As long as you have a good credit history and credit score, you will have better chances when it comes to getting car finance. If you don’t have a good credit score, you might want to work on improving it first. You may also get a guarantor who can vouch for you. A guarantor with a good credit score can agree to cover your repayments in case you experience any financial setbacks and can’t make your monthly payments. 

What are the requirements for car finance?

You don't have to let your disability stop you from enjoying the convenience of having a car of your own. Here are the documents you need to prepare for your car finance application. 

Proof of Identity

You need to provide an ID, preferably your driver’s licence. It will also be your proof that you’re legally allowed to drive despite your disability. There are some lenders who accept passports as proof of identity. Be sure to check with the lender first if they'll accept IDs other than a full driving licence.   

Proof of Income

If you are employed, you would need to provide evidence of employment and receipt of a salary for the past three months. If you are self-employed or you own a business, then your bank statements can be submitted, or an SA302 tax calculation might be required. The point of providing proof of income is to show the car finance company that you’ll be able to make the monthly repayments for the car loan.

Address History

One of the crucial aspects of your car finance application is traceability. You would need to prepare your address history for the last three years. Make it as detailed and as specific as possible. You may also be asked to submit utility bills that show your name and the address of your residence. 


When applying for car finance, make sure that all the documents and the information you provide are correct and accurate. Any errors may affect the result of your application. If you or a member of the family requires an adaption on a new car, it will be VAT exempt adapted motor vehicle

Don’t worry about your disability affecting your car finance application because it should not be a factor when lenders make their assessments. As long as you are legally allowed to drive and you can afford to make the monthly repayments, you can go ahead and confidently apply for car finance.