Over 5 Million GoCompare Customers Can Now Access Carmoola

Carmoola, the leading fintech car financing app, today announced a partnership with GoCompare. GoCompare customers will be able to access the easiest way to finance a car in minutes 🔥



This partnership means over 5 million GoCompare customers will have direct access to a totally new way to purchase and pay for a car with Carmoola. Customers will get an instant pre-approval decision, enabling them to buy their next car in simple monthly payments in just 3 easy steps.

Aidan Rushby, CEO at Carmoola said, “We’re delighted to be empowering more than 5 million GoCompare customers to buy their dream car in as little as 8 minutes.

The current car finance process is not enjoyable and is broken. At Carmoola, we are challenging that status quo. We want to bring the excitement and fun back into buying a car and have designed a straightforward online application process with no sales calls, confusing jargon or excessive paperwork. The response from customers since our launch in March has been incredible, with 100,000s of applications and market-leading reviews.”

Kas Lewis, Head of Commercial at Carmoola added: “The cost of living crisis is hitting customers hard, making it even more important that they make the right choice on their car finance deal. Partnerships such as GoCompare mean even more customers can drive easy, knowing they’ve take control of their car finance. We’re looking forward to building on this partnership and educating even more people about the new way to buy a car over the coming years and months”

About Carmoola

No more wasted time hunting down the perfect car, only to find you can’t afford it, Carmoola gives users an immediate pre-approved budget and virtual card for instant purchasing. The freedom to go shopping, knowing what you can spend, without sending off reams of forms and payslips, puts the consumer in control of their car purchase.

Founder Aidan Rushby (CEO) has extensive experience in fast-moving, scale-up businesses, having founded Movebubble.

Co-founded by Amy McKechnie (Director of Product and Marketing), Rushby is also joined by Ukrainian co-founders, Roman Sumnikov, Chief Technology Officer and Igor Gordiichuk, Chief Information Officer.

Carmoola is the new way to pay for a car in just three easy steps.

Carmoola offers additional consumer benefits; better value finance that cuts out the middleman, and flexible in-app financing, so you can increase your payments and make overpayment. Or you can even completely pay off your loan without incurring any penalties or charges, save the industry standard one month's interest for the period of notice. 

Carmoola is the only company to be in the process of offering green incentives such as lower APRs on electric vehicles to encourage the uptake of clean-air cars, carbon footprint calculators, and to pass on savings from ESG debt funding to consumers - this will be launched soon 🌳

The company was registered in November 2020 and launched in March 2021. The consumer app was launched for the first time in March 2022. Available on iOS and Android

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