How Often Should I Service My Car?

Not sure how often you should service your car? 🤔 As you know, proper maintenance is key if you want your vehicle to last for a good number of years. Regular servicing ensures that your car runs smoothly while also identifying any issues with the vehicle before they become big, expensive problems later on. 

You have the option of bringing your car to the dealership or taking it to an independent garage. Either way, you can do so without worrying about invalidating the warranty. If you want to take your car to a garage, remember to keep to the schedule of the manufacturer. Also, the garage has to use only high-quality and manufacturer-approved car parts if replacements are needed. 

How to Know When You Need a Car Service

Regular maintenance that follows the specifications of the manufacturer is vital if you want to keep on driving your car for a long time or you want to ensure you’re going to get a good resale price for it later on if you decide to sell the vehicle. 

Each car has its own service interval so it’s best to check the schedule determined by your manufacturer. Nonetheless, most manufacturers would suggest car service be done every 12 months or every 12,000 miles. This depends on which of the two comes first. 

Check if your car has a self-diagnostic system because that will tell you if your vehicle is due for a car service. If any warning lights show up on your dashboard, don’t ignore them. Even if your car is not yet due for service, if there are warning lights already, take your car to a reliable garage. 

Is Car Service the Same as MOT?

Car service is not identical to an MOT, even if a lot of people think so. These two have different functions and as a car owner, you need both of them to ensure your car works safely and properly. 

With an MOT, your car will undergo a vehicle safety inspection. The specialists who will conduct the test are only going to examine your car. They cannot make any repairs or changes to your vehicle. With a car service, the auto mechanic will assess the wear and tear of the car and replaces fluids and parts whenever necessary. 

The point of an MOT is to check whether your car is safe to drive. It is also necessary to have an MOT when your car reaches three years, after that, it has to be done annually. 

What If I Don’t Get a Regular Car Service?

If you’re trying to save money by not taking your car to a garage regularly, then you’re making a big and expensive mistake. Expect a lot of car problems to arise if you choose to not get a car service. Some of the issues you may encounter would be mechanical problems, poor driving performance, and decreased fuel economy. Ultimately, all these will cause you to spend more on running your car. 

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Today’s engine oils already have cleaning agents in them to keep your car engine in great shape. So that means your vehicle doesn’t need an oil change anymore, right? Not quite. Keep in mind that oil will still deteriorate after some time, and if it’s not changed, the engine parts will have a buildup of carbon deposits. If you allow this to go on, then the internal components of the engine will have a harder time functioning properly, causing a lot of wear. 

Why Do I Need to Replace the Brake Fluid?

Another crucial part of a car service is checking the fluids in your car. One of the most important ones is the brake fluid. If you don’t get a car service and leave the brake fluid unchanged, then it’s going to absorb moisture. When this happens, your car’s braking performance will be affected. You could be driving an unsafe vehicle and you’re putting your life and the lives of other road users at risk. Change the brake fluid every couple of years no matter how little or how much you’re using your car. 

Benefits of Getting a Car Service

Giving your car proper and regular maintenance is the point of getting a car service. When you take your vehicle to a garage, the different parts of the car will be checked and repaired if necessary so that everything runs smoothly. A car service is also a chance to assess whether your vehicle has any parts that need replacing, including coolant, oil, power steering, and brakes. 

Much like our bodies, cars also deteriorate as they age. And in the same way that we get medical checkups regularly, cars also need a routine car service, especially for high-mileage vehicles. The auto mechanic can identify any issues with the car before they blow up into bigger problems that can cost a lot of money. 

If you plan on selling your car down the line, you’d want to have a good resale price for it. One way to ensure you can get that is to maintain your vehicle the best way you can. Secondhand car buyers check the service history of the cars they like, and when they see that your vehicle regularly gets a car service, they’d be more interested to buy it. 


You may have to spend some money by getting a car service. However, it’s a small price to pay if you want a car that is smooth to drive and fuel-efficient. Remember that by taking your vehicle for a car service, you’re avoiding expensive car problems in the future. And do be aware that you may have signed a finance contract, such as a PCP deal, where you have agreed to regularly service your car. Check your vehicle handbook for the manufacturer’s recommended car service schedule today and call your local garage for a routine car checkup!