What the Colour of Your Car Says About You

Last year, we teamed up with leading colour psychologist, Karen Hall, to see what the colour of your car says about you. Spoiler alert: it's saying more than you might think!

We looked at the top ten most common car colours, including trendy shades like white, black, silver grey, and red. So, get ready as we set off on a colourful journey to discover what your car colour might be saying about you.

Red: The Firecracker Who Loves the Spotlight

Red car

People with red cars love to take centre stage and shine brightly. They're filled with confidence, always on the hunt for the next big adventure, and they sure know how to live life in the fast lane. Risk-taking is in their DNA, with spontaneous decisions often shaping their day. They're likely the friend who brings the most energy to any gathering, bold and outgoing.

Red captures our attention faster than any other colour, making it stand out in any crowd. Spot a lone red car in a sea of other colours? You're bound to notice it first!

Grey: The Chameleon

Grey Mercedes Car

Chameleons shun the spotlight and usually prefer to blend in rather than stand out. They're masters of flying under the radar, navigating life without attracting much attention. Unlike red car drivers, they prefer staying out of the limelight.

Grey car owners often display a more measured approach to life, making thoughtful decisions instead of impulsive ones. They're typically not spontaneous and love their peace and quiet.

Black: The Maestro. Loves Being in Charge 

Black Car

The colour black is a symbol of authority, demands respect - much like a bouncer's suit! It signifies control, making people with black cars natural perfectionists who rarely settle for less. There's a sophisticated beauty to black, a touch of mystery that invites curiosity.

Black car owners enjoy the intrigue they inspire in others, adding to their sense of grandeur. As an aspirational colour, black embodies sophistication and prestige, making a bold statement on the road.

Silver: The Swan. Graceful, Tranquil, and Poised

Silver Audi Car

Drivers who choose silver cars are often far from ostentatious. They share traits with grey car owners but prefer silver's touch of luxury.

Their lives mirror the tranquil glide of a swan, composed and enjoying life's luxuries. They're measured in their day-to-day lives and have an affinity for things that bring extra sparkle to everyday experiences.

Yellow: The Sunflower. Always Beaming, Joyful

Yellow Mercedes Car

Yellow car drivers are like walking sunshine, spreading happiness and good vibes wherever they go. They embrace life with an infectious, positive outlook.

These drivers dance through life, savouring every moment and spreading joy with their infectious laughter and cheerfulness. They're like a beacon of happiness, ensuring that even on the gloomiest day, their sunny disposition shines through.

Gold: The Peacock. Confident, Unapologetic 

Gold Car

Driving a gold car requires a healthy dose of confidence and a certain comfort level with attracting attention. These drivers love to showcase their success.

Gold has long been associated with status and wealth. So, driving a gold car or opting for a gold paint job sends a strong message of opulence. While it's easy to assume that a gold car owner is wealthy, the choice of gold often speaks more about their self-confidence than their bank balance.

White: The Snowflake. Symbol of Purity, Calm 

White Car

White symbolises purity, a flawless and fresh canvas. Those who choose white cars often seek tranquillity and order in their lives.

White doesn't evoke strong emotional responses, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate clarity and detest clutter. White car owners often prefer a sense of detachment from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

In essence, they're in pursuit of a peaceful existence, much like the serene ambience of a minimalist white home. They yearn for calm and order in their lives.

Light Blue: The Sky. Peaceful and Optimistic

Light Blue Car

Light blue, much like a clear sky, is a tranquil colour. Those who prefer light blue cars tend to have a peaceful mindset and a positive outlook on life. They are friendly and enjoy sparking up a chat with others.

These individuals are the 'dreamers' among us, often easy-going but seeking mental tranquillity. They gravitate towards calming hues and find comfort in surroundings that foster serenity.

Dark Blue: The Judge. Sociable, Intellectual 

Blue BMW Car

Dark blue is often associated with knowledge and authority. Dark blue car owners enjoy sharing their wisdom and insights.

Owners of dark blue cars are often logical and rational. The colour dark blue promotes focus and concentration, traits often seen in dark blue car owners. This colour is also linked with trustworthiness.

Just as many people wear dark blue for job interviews or work, choosing a dark blue car signals the desire to appear reliable, knowledgeable, and sincere.

Orange: The Marigold. Joyful,  Playful

Orange Car

Orange embodies fun, joy, and playfulness. Those who choose orange cars likely have an infectious zest for life and an outgoing personality. These drivers are sociable butterflies. They relish life's adventures and love sharing the joy with those around them.

Green: The Oak Tree. Experienced, Wise

Green electric mini car

The traditional British Racing Green brings a sense of history, and the owners of green cars often appreciate this. They tend to be mature, love nature, and be experienced and wise. Possibly retirees, they enjoy their newfound freedom and life's slower pace.

Green, a colour with a sense of dignity and tradition, appeals to these drivers. They may have a nostalgic streak, often fondly looking back at the past.

Lime Green: The Sprout. Youthful and Energetic

Lime Green Car

Choosing a lime green car might indicate a younger driver, or someone older with a youthful spirit and a thirst for life and who loves new beginnings. These drivers are often brimming with energy, embracing new starts and chapters in life with enthusiasm.

Brown: The Log Cabin. Dependable, Modest

Brown Car

A brown car may hint at the driver being solid, reliable, unpretentious and consistent. These individuals are grounded and dependable, always true to their word. They are the ones who'll stop to help if your car breaks down. They project calmness, prefer to blend in, and go about their life quietly.

Pink: The Cotton Candy. Gentle, Nurturing

Drivers of soft pink cars are kind, empathetic, always looking out for others, and have a nurturing disposition. If you visit a pink car owner, expect a heart-warming welcome, perhaps even a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

They're the ones who always check in on you and are there when you need a shoulder to cry on. But it's important to remember that even these caring individuals need a bit of love and comfort from time to time.

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