Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Football Players and their Cars

Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. boasts a pretty impressive list of players, and the Seagulls enjoy a top 10 position in the Premier League as we are writing. ⚽ But when the Seagulls aren’t flying around to play internationally or having a kick around at Falmer Stadium, what do they drive? We’ve collected everything you need to know about the vehicles the players drive, and rated who has a car collection Jeremy Clarkson would envy!

Robert Sanchez

In seventh place is Robert Sanchez. Does Sanchez own a car? We’ll never know. What we can be certain of is his in-style arrival on a mountain bike. When Sanchez isn’t on the pitch, the ex-Rochdale man is often found cycling in some of the most picturesque locations around the world, and we’re just happy for him to find a hobby that keeps him on top form.

Jakub Moder

In sixth place is Jakub Moder. Online rumours suggest that he lives a pretty modest lifestyle for such a high ranking footballer, and even donates 25% of his salary to charity. Whilst this is highly commendable, it does mean that he doesn’t seem to have a drool-worthy car collection, and apparently his regular ride is a second hand Vauxhall Corsa. That’s the same car as writer Tom drives, and he’ll be pretty surprised to know he has anything in common with someone who plays for Poland’s national team. Although, we don't think he has the footballing skills of Jakub, as much as he likes to boast!


Lewis Dunk

In fifth place is Lewis Dunk. Dunk keeps things classy yet understated with a sporty-looking grey Porsche, perfect for drawing heads of car fans without drawing too much attention to himself. 

Leandro Trossard

In fourth place is Leandro Trossard. Trossard has a collection of vehicles and loves to show them off online. There’s his car collection, which includes a mysterious black car, which looks sleek and expensive, but we don’t know the brand or model. Then he has another black BMW, and a jet-ski, which he seems to like riding with his wife. Finally, and most adorably, Trossard shared a photo of himself and his son, Thiago, sitting astride a plastic dinosaur. It might not be the fastest mode of transport, but it’s certainly the cutest.


Solly March

In third place is Solomon ‘Solly’ March. The left-wing back has three sweet rides: a white Mercedes-Benz, a black VW three-door and a red BMW. It seems like a lot of the Brighton team loves a black car, so March’s BMW must really stand out in their car park. I’d also like to give March props for inspiring a car air freshener, which is available on Etsy. It’s an odd honour, but one that nobody else on the squad can boast of.


Enock Mwepu

Silver goes to Enock Mwepu. Mwepu has a pretty good collection, but the car with the best memories for him must be the gorgeous blue 4x4 that’s in the background of his wedding photos. The car’s even been dressed up for the occasion and is covered in red bows. It seems like a wonderful way to commemorate both your love of cars and your beautiful new wife. Aside from the wedding drive, Mwepu has a silver Mercedes-Benz and a mysterious other car, but we don’t know the make, model or colour of that one. I suppose he probably needs to go incognito sometimes! When he’s tired of his cars, Mwepu can always use his ‘pre-training’ ride… which seems to be a Red Bull vehicle, somewhere between a tricycle and a go-kart. I’m curious to know more, and hopefully Mwepu will enlighten us with additional details in the future. 


Adam Lallana

Gold goes to Adam Lallana! Rumour has it that he’s got a very full garage, complete with a black Range Rover Vogue, a blue Vauxhall Groundland, a white Audi S7, a blue Audi RS7 and a Ford 4x4 with a pretty cool red and black paint job. Unfortunately, on a trip to a safari park with his son, one of Lallana’s cars was attacked by monkeys, who vandalised, hit and bit the poor vehicle! Lallana has passed on his love of vehicles to his son, who is the proud owner of a red bicycle, and apparently likes to cycle next to his dad when he goes for runs.



When the Seagulls aren’t flying high or dominating the pitch, they’re still moving in style. The colour of choice seems to be black, and everyone’s partial to a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. We can’t blame them, really: they look fantastic and drive like a dream. 

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