Lozi Mabunga

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Lozi Mabunga has been a content writer since 2009. She makes full use of her experience in Social Science research and expertise in the field of Anthropology to reach out and write interesting, informative, and useful content that truly connects with the readers. Lozi loves learning about the latest innovations in electric car technology and greener modes of transportation being developed around the world. She hopes to provide insightful information to the reader and ensure they know all the ins and outs of car finance.

Lozi Mabunga

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Do Electric Cars Stop Charging When Full?

Do Electric Cars Stop Charging When Full?

A lot of the questions that new electric car owners have is about charging their EVs. 🔌 Unlike conventional combustion engine vehicles, where you...

7-Day European Road Trip Itinerary

7-Day European Road Trip Itinerary

If you’re feeling stuck or unproductive at work, there’s a fun and exciting cure for that. Did you know that taking a break for a well-deserved...

Which is Cheaper to Run?: Electric or Hybrid Car

Which is Cheaper to Run: Electric or A Hybrid Car?

Deciding between an electric or hybrid car can be tricky, especially when considering what's cheaper to run in the long term.🤔

Understanding the...

Can You Claim VAT on a Hire Purchase Deal?

Can I Claim Back VAT On A Hire Purchase Car?

Figuring out whether you can claim back VAT on a hire purchase deal can be tricky 🤔

What Is the Environmental Impact of Hybrid Cars?

What Is the Environmental Impact of Hybrid Cars?

Are hybrid cars really better for the environment? While hybrid cars still have combustion engines that run on petrol or diesel, they’re actually...

7 Radio Stations You Should Listen to in Your Car

7 Radio Stations You Should Listen to in Your Car

Driving can be much more enjoyable if you have the perfect radio station to listen to while you head to your destination. 📻 When you’re on a long...

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Do Hire Purchase Car Loans Have a Balloon Payment?

When exploring hire purchase as a car finance option, you may be wondering if these loans include a balloon payment 🎈

Don't Worry Darling: Cars They Used In The Film

Don't Worry Darling is a psychological thriller film directed by Olivia Wilde. This 1950s movie follows the story of a young housewife named Alice,...

The Walking Dead Cast Have Some Killer Cars

The Walking Dead is a favourite among viewers who love a good story about a post-apocalyptic world and how the survivors navigate their way to live...

The Benefits of Regular Car Brake Maintenance

Car brake maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that your car is safe to drive and it functions properly for a long time.

But how do car...

A Guide to Car Number Plates in the UK

Number plates can be a bit confusing, right? What do they mean? Well, once you know how they work, it's actually very easy to extract some...

Sex Education Cast and Their Cars

Viewers who enjoy watching comedy-drama shows must know about Sex Education and the characters in Moordale Secondary School.

Teens, sex,...

Tips for Understanding Car Tyre Pressure

Having well-maintained tyres helps you enjoy a hassle-free time on the road and keeps you safe whenever you're out for a drive. The tyre pressure...

Can You Charge an Electric Car with Solar Panels?

The cost of running an electric car is a lot cheaper than fueling a diesel or petrol car. But did you know you can save more if you use solar panels...

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