Thousands Of Brits Will Have Sex In The Car This Valentine's Day

You’d think that most 30+ aged Brits hadn’t had sex in a car since moving out of their parents’ house and would go somewhere more comfortable to do the dirty, rather than the back seat of a steamed-up Fiesta 🔥

However, according to research done by Carmoola - the car finance fintech, awkward spaces, inevitable bumps and bruises, and the risk of getting caught doesn’t stop it being one of the most popular spaces to do the deed, with almost half the UK population in couples (49%), still engaging in the act inside their vehicles.   

Surprisingly, an older audience are the naughtiest in the back seat, with 35-44 year olds being the most likely to get steamy behind the wheel. Clearly 18-24 year olds are in need of some car sex-ed, as this age group were found to be the least likely to do it on 4-wheels. 

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, and thousands of Brits expected to test out the Tesla for a good hump this V-Day, Carmoola has launched the Car-ma Sutra - a revved up version of the Kama Sutra. 

Presented in handy card format, perfect to slip into the backseat, the cards include 10 erotic sex positions, including Packing The Shopping Away, How Big Is Your Boot, the De-Icer and The Flat Pack. 


Carmoola's CEO Aidan Rushby said: “If you’re looking to move your sex life up a gear this Valentine’s Day, in an entirely safe and legal way, our Car-ma Sutra in-car card game is certain to rev lovers’ engines.” 

Launched just nine months ago, Carmoola is liberating the archaic, slow and backwards car finance market with a new product that takes minutes rather than days...

Aidan added:  “Just like traditional car finance, we reckoned the Kama Sutra needed a bit of an update. Especially as it was created way before cars even existed.”

The Car-ma sutra does come with an advisory: It’s not illegal to have sex in your car, although you’d be breaking the law and fined up to £5,000 pounds if you had sex whilst driving, or if you’re spotted by other people in a public place. Which adds to the fun, right? 

You can order the Carmoola Car-ma Sutra Card Game here 👇



Happy Valentines Day 💖
With love, 

The Carmoola Team