Carmoola's Anti-Road Rage Pack to Alleviate Bad Tempers At The Wheel

Car finance start-up Carmoola has launched a new initiative aimed at promoting road safety and preventing incidents of road rage, with almost two thirds (62%) of UK drivers reporting experiencing road rage while at the wheel.

The company has launched the Anti-Road Rage Pack, which will be provided to all new customers in an effort to calm drivers down in those frustrating moments on the road.

Carmoola is providing drivers with two pairs of ‘Calm-oola’ socks in Baker-Miller Pink - a colour scientifically observed to reduce aggression and have a calming effect. The pack also contains a lavender and rose scented air freshener, two scents which are said to have the benefits of soothing nerves and have even been linked to reduced blood pressure.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of UK drivers have experienced road rage, and this can even manifest in confrontation with other drivers - almost one in 10 drivers experiencing road rage said they would leave their vehicle to confront another driver, and 6% even said they’d damage another driver’s vehicle in a 2022 study.

This phenomenon poses a major concern for road safety, as it can lead to dangerous driving and increase the risk of accidents. According to the Department for Transport, around four or five people are killed on UK roads every day on average, with a further 84 seriously injured.

Carmoola’s Anti-Road Rage Pack aims to alleviate the problem by promoting a more relaxed and peaceful driving experience.

The company researched the best sensory aids to provide a calming and relaxing driving environment, landing upon lavender and rose scents as well as Baker-Miller Pink, which have variously been associated with calmness and reducing stress and aggressive behaviour.

Psychology practitioner and coach Terri Regent explained the theory behind Baker-Miller Pink’s effects: “One theory is that the colour affects the brain’s physiological response to stress. According to a study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, exposure to the colour Baker-Miller Pink caused a significant decrease in heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure in human subjects.”

“Another theory is that the colour has a psychological impact on our minds. Pink is often associated with femininity, softness, and nurturing, which may evoke feelings of comfort and safety. Additionally, the colour has been shown to have a positive impact on mood and emotional well-being, with some studies suggesting that it can even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.”

Commenting on the Anti-Road Rage Pack, Carmoola CEO Aidan Rushby said: “Studies have shown that road rage is a phenomenon the majority of drivers have experienced, and being stressed or angry while driving is not just distracting but puts road users at risk.

“This is especially true for more nervous or less experienced drivers. We want to give people a better and happier day so we designed our anti-road rage kit to help keep drivers calm at the wheel"


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