Does Declan Rice's Car Collection Match His Footballing Skills?

Declan Rice might be at the start of his footballing career, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not gained a lot of attention. The centre-midfielder has played for West Ham and been fought over by two international teams, England and Ireland, and was offered the Irish captaincy without even ever playing for the team. But what of his off-pitch exploits? Let’s take a look at his cars and extra-curricular exploits. 

Rice hasn’t had any public relationships or shown off any children, so most of his social media is dedicated to West Ham United and the odd trip he’s taken with his friends. It might not be the right ride to get someone to their matches on time, but Rice has apparently spent some time jet skiing in Ibiza and looked like he was having an excellent time. He’s also shown off pictures outside of some very luxurious planes, ahead of further adventures. 

Land Rover

Declan does have a normal car though - specifically a land rover. He made headlines due to a prank from fellow teammate Mark Noble who arranged to have Rice’s car towed by a fake police officer. Apparently the two regularly play tricks on one another, and we imagine there will be some retaliation fairly soon. Rice has also been targeted by Mason Mount, who plays with Rice on the English national team.


Harry's White Audi

The car Harry seems most proud of is his white Audi. The centre-back shared a photograph of his newest ride on Instagram. It’s an Audi A5 S Line Coupe with a diesel engine. As his family has grown though, he’s invested in some vehicles with a bit more room for everyone, and Maguire has been pictured arriving at Old Trafford in a matt black Land Rover. He’s also got a customised grey Land Rover and a white BMW Sedan, so there are plenty of choices for Harry to travel in style.


Traffic Jams?

Harry’s vehicle choice makes me think he values power over speed, but he’s been vocal about his annoyance with slow-moving vehicles. In his early days he spent a considerable amount of time posting photographs of traffic jams as a way of venting his annoyance with the situation. Even if most of us don’t grumble in a luxurious vehicle like Harry, it’s still pretty relatable. 



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