European Road Signs: How Many Unique Road Signs Do You know?

A European road trip will provide unforgettable memories and stunning sights but you will also find some fairly quirky road signs. 

Whether you're driving through charming villages in Italy or scenic landscapes in Spain, you could see some road signs which could leave you scratching your head. 

Test your knowledge and learn about some European road signs in this fun and quick quiz. 

Below, we’ve provided images of six unique European road signs, and your job is to see if you know what they mean... 

Each sign is accompanied by multiple-choice options. Choose the one you believe is correct and check your answers at the end... no cheating 😉

1. Nation: Estonia 🇪🇪


A) HGV Vehicle Lane
B) Bus Lane
C) Public Transport Has Priority

2. Nation: Czech Republic 🇨🇿


A) Tunnel Ahead
B) Caution: Time Traveling Car
C) Caution: Fog Likely

3. Nation: Germany 🇩🇪


A) Frog Sanctuary
B) Parked Cars Will Be Toad
C) Migrating Amphibians Ahead

4. Nation: Czech Republic 🇨🇿


A) Hand Carts Only
B) No Hand Carts
C) Farming Crossing Point

5. Spain 🇪🇸


A) Honk For Attention
B) Do Not Use Horn
C) Horns Frequently Used

6. Nation: Italy 🇮🇹


A) Slippery Roads
B) No Vehicles Carrying Water Pollutants
C) Water Alongside Road

Correct Answers

Ready to see how well you did? Here are the correct answers:

1. B) Bus Lane 

Reserved solely for our trusty public transport buses, this lane ensures that buses zip through traffic like royalty while we mere mortals envy their swift journey.

2. A) Caution: Fog Likely

The sign is there to warn you of potential fog, so you're not caught off guard while cruising through the Czech Republic. 

3. C) Migrating Amphibians Ahead

This is to make you aware of migrating amphibians, such as frogs or toads, crossing the road. So drive with caution and keep an eye out for any frogs who want to cross the road. 

4. B) No Hand Carts

This sign indicates that hand carts or similar non-motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the road, ensuring safety and efficient traffic flow for other road users.

5. B) Do Not Use Horn

Drivers should refrain from using their vehicle's horn in the vicinity of this sign, often found in quiet zones or areas with sensitive wildlife, to minimise noise pollution and disturbance to the environment.

6. B) No Vehicles Carrying Water Pollutants

This sign prohibits vehicles transporting water pollutants from accessing the road, aiming to protect the environment and prevent contamination of water sources.

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