Don’t Fall Victim to These Frightful Fines This Halloween

Getting into the Halloween spirit is always fun, but if you aren't careful, it could land you in trouble when driving.

As much as we all love a good scare, no one wants the shock of a big fine or points on their license – and that’s exactly what could happen if you aren’t careful.

So, before you get dressed up or decide to give your car a spooky makeover, read on to learn how to avoid any frightening fines this year! 😱

Driving in Costume

Dressing up as a spooky witch or a ghastly ghoul is all part of the Halloween fun.

However, while it might be tempting to hop into your car as Count Dracula or a spooky witch, it could end up costing you.

Driving in your costume might slap you with a hefty £5000 fine. Shocked? We were too!

The reason why you could end up in hot water is because some costumes can be bulky, restrictive, or obscure your vision, making driving unsafe.

So, even though it may feel like a chore, it's best to wait and slip into your costume once you've reached your destination.👍

If that's not an option and the Halloween vibes are too strong to resist, maybe consider catching a lift with a friend, using public transport, or taking a taxi.🚕

After all, getting to the party safely and without a financial fright is the best treat you can give yourself this Halloween.

Decorating the Outside of Your Car

Think you can get away with decorating your car instead of dressing up? While there are ways to add a festive feel to your vehicle, some ideas could lead to a fine.

Let’s look at some of the ways decorating your car exterior for Halloween could land you a nasty surprise:

Mirror Accessories

Hanging creepy decorations from your mirrors may seem harmless, but they can be quite distracting.

The DVLA warns that any obstructions that hinder the driver's view or become a potential distraction, can lead to fines up to £1,000.

You could also receive an additional 3 points on your licence!

So, while that dangling ghost may look cute, it's best left at your home or office.

Window Stickers

Halloween-themed window stickers can add a fun touch to your car. Just remember, they shouldn't block your view.

The Road Traffic Act states that drivers always need a clear view of the road. An obstructed view can lead to a nasty bump or worse.

If found responsible for an accident due to blocked vision, you could face a charge of careless driving, resulting in a spine-chilling fine of up to £3,000 and an added 5 points on your licence.

So, place those stickers wisely!

Spooky Number Plates

As cool as it may look, decorating your number plate in a Halloween theme isn’t recommended.

Adding fake blood splatters, eerie spider webs, or stickers could obscure its readability.

Driving around with a dirty or unreadable licence plate could set you back £1,000 and add 3 points to your licence.

Decorating the Inside of Your Car

It isn’t just decorating the outside of your car that can cause issues with the law.

Here’s some of the things to be wary of when decorating the inside of your vehicle this spooky season:

Rear View Mirror Trinkets

As enchanting as those hanging Halloween decorations might be - if they're blocking your view, they're a hazard.

Any obstruction can put you and others on the road at risk. This costly mistake could set you back a potential fine of up to £1,000 and another 3 points added to your license.

Spiderwebs on the Dashboard

Spiderwebs are synonymous with Halloween, but if they're obstructing your view from the dashboard, it’s a no-go.

If you obstruct your view with those webs, once again you're looking at a potential fine of £1,000 and 3 points on your licence.

Masks on the Passenger Seat

While it may seem like a bit of fun to have a masked companion on your passenger seat, it can be perceived as driving without due care.

This could cost you an immediate £200 fine and three penalty points.

Have Fun, But Stay Safe This Halloween

 While there are things to be aware of when traveling on Halloween, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun.

When decorating your car, just make sure you don’t obstruct your view of the road and you don’t distract other drivers.

Let this Halloween be a treat, not a trick, and drive with confidence by following the tips and advice.

Read more about the different car and driving laws in the UK:


FAQs About Driving at Halloween:

Can you wear a Halloween mask while driving UK?

No, wearing a Halloween mask while driving in the UK can obstruct your vision and may be deemed as driving without due care and attention. This can result in fines and penalty points on your licence.

How Do you drive safe on Halloween?

To drive safely on Halloween, reduce your speed in residential areas and stay alert for children crossing roads unexpectedly. Keep headlights on, avoid distractions inside the vehicle, and always ensure your view is not obstructed by costumes or decorations.

Can I decorate my car windows for Halloween?

Yes, you can decorate your car windows for Halloween, but it's essential to ensure that these decorations do not obstruct your view of the road. Any obstruction can lead to fines and penalty points for careless driving. Always prioritise safety over decorations.