What Cars Does Liverpools Main Man Mohamed Salah Drive

It’s a hard life, being one of the most celebrated African footballers of all time. Luckily for Mohamed Salah, there are a few things to make life as a Liverpool striker and captain of the Egyptian national team a little easier. For example, a truly awe-inspiring garage. Let’s have a look around and see what’s in there…

Audi Q7

In 2014, Mo had his first daughter and in 2020, another arrived. To accommodate his growing family the striker decided to buy an Audi Q7, a sturdy ride with plenty of room for everyone - and all their toys. It isn’t the most glamorous vehicle, but increasingly Audis have become the go-to drive for footballers with families. 



A lot of people have a soft spot for their first car. It might have been cheap and battered, or (in my friend’s case) have had a dead mouse in the exhaust pipe, but it was yours. Turns out, Mo is just like the rest of us. Except, of course, instead of an old banger, Mo’s first car was a Toyota Camry worth $26,500. Compared with the rest of his collection, the Camry isn’t fast or expensive, but it’s the first car he ever owned, so there’s still space in the garage for it. 


We all have our favourites in Mo’s car collection, but this is certainly the most expensive vehicle. Costing $789,809 the Lamborghini Aventador is the most expensive ride, and many people feel the class justifies the whopping price tag. The Aventador can reach 218mph and can do 0-60pmh in under three seconds, so it’s perfect for, um, driving very, very fast. 



When I think of Bentleys, I imagine princes and princesses driving around. They’re a classic old-money status symbol, so it makes sense that football royalty would acquire one. For his part, Salah has a Bentley Continental GT. It’s got adaptive air suspension, height control, a 542 horse power engine and a V8 turbocharged engine. 

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The Mercedes-Benz brand is popular with so many footballers, but to be honest, we completely understand why. Salah’s ride is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and it’s valued at a cool $228,080 USD, is a two-door convertible and can reach nearly 200pmh. The vehicle is comfortable and luxurious as well as fast, so there’s no compromise here! 

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You could  have only one Mercedes, but why would you? The next vehicle is the Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe, complete with a V6 twin-turbo engine and 603 horsepower. Although neither of the Mercedes-Benzs will have room for Mo’s wife and two little daughters, we still think they’re worth holding onto. Just not for the school run, perhaps. 


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