The Carmoola Ride: The Sequel

You know how sequels are almost never better than the original? Well if this is the case for this article I'll be sad. I've had to bug the team that wasn't featured in the original blog to liven up and give me some content! This is the sequel to the previous blog I wrote, 'The Carmoola Team and their Cars'. Hopefully, the content will be like Cheaper By the Dozen 2, AKA even better than the first 😎

Working in a car finance company you would assume that we the employees are petrol heads, or at least are decent drivers and enjoy driving... but that's not always the case. Introducing Jayna, Carmoola's latest addition.

Jayna - Passenger Princess 💅🏻

Jayna has just started doing some CRM consulting for Carmoola. She's doing a kickass job, but you know what she's not doing a kickass job in? Driving. I asked Jayna what car she drives and she told me she doesn't drive. She's the designated passenger princess and proudly declared she WILL be that person with huge boxes and bags on the tube. To be fair she did mention she was slightly traumatised from the last time she drove and she may have scratched her previous CEO's car 😳 Fair enough Jayna, I'd be scared too. 

scratch on car and passenger seat

Wendy  - Mini Metro/Golf GTE 🚘

Wendy is the Director of Marketing here at Carmoola, otherwise known as my boss. Wendy's first car was a yellow Mini Metro, which she only had for two weeks before it was written off! A fun fact about this one: the Mini Metro was Aidan's Nans' car too! Unfortunately, this bad boy is now extinct 🦖 Wendy now drives a Golf GTE that apparently has leftover debris and food that has been there longer than I've been alive... I'm 23 years old.

First car as an open and current car is a BMW

Igor - Audi/Vauxhall/BMW 🚘

Igor is one of Carmoola's amazing Chief Technology Officers. Igor's first car was a volcano black 1997 Audi A6. He reminisced about how he nearly caught the car alight when replacing the battery... now that's a hot story 🔥

Usually, the first and current car only feature in this series, however, this was too good not to tell. Igor's second car was an Opel in Silver Lightening. This car's indicator didn't work properly and Igor mentioned that: "Whenever I saw the police car and needed to turn right, I would have to turn left" That's a smart move Igor I'll give you that. 

Igor's current car is a BMW 530i XDrive in Alpine White. Unlike Igor's Vauxhall and its signal not working, Igor still chooses not to use his current indicator, but for a different reason. Igor doesn't like the sound it makes and for the first couple of months, he refrained from using it altogether 🤣

Frame 3
Ruth - Ford Cortina Mk11/BMW 2 Series 🚘

Ruth helps out with our bookkeeping, and SEO (which is a big help to me!) Ruth's first car was a Ford Cortina which she had in 1975! Her current car is a BMW 2 Series. Ruth was super excited to tell me about some of the features her current car has that her first car didn't have. Can you believe that some older cars didn't have...

  • Power steering ✅
  • Seat adjustment (she had to use two loose cushions to reach the pedals in her first car!) ✅
  • Fog lights ✅
  • On-board navigation system ✅
  • Heated rear window ✅

Features her first car had which you don't get nowadays: 

  • A physical key ❎
  • Spark plugs ❎
  • A crook lock to prevent theft ❎

First car as a ford and current car is a BMW

That's it from me, I love chatting with my team about topics like this, we always have such a laugh. It's especially funny when I inform the team at stand-up what my day is going to involve: you see the uncertain faces wondering if that means I am going to '@' them on Slack 😉 

I hope this blog put a smile on your face or at least gave you a tad better understanding of the Carmoola employee's personalities!