How to Successfully Apply Makeup in a Car

Picture the scene: you hit the snooze button a few too many times, and now you’re running late. A mad dash to the shower ensues as you multitask between washing yourself and cleaning your teeth underneath the shower head. You rush to put your clothes on (you’ll check if they’re on the right way round later) and call your Uber (or summon your driver) in a last-ditch attempt to get to where you’re going on time. There’s only one problem: you haven’t applied any makeup. What do you do? You do it in the car, that’s what. And here’s how. 

For non-drivers only

Of course, we bring you this guide with a warning. Under no circumstances should you try and apply makeup if you’re driving the car. It’s just as dangerous as using your phone or doing other things behind the wheel that take your attention away from the road. If, however, you’re in the passenger's’ seat, then it’s game on. 

Get to cleansing

Primers and foundations might help you fake great skin, but flawless skin is the way to go. And to achieve that, you’re going to need a proper skincare routine – even in the car when you’re in a rush. There’s no need for a fancy 10-step routine here, though. Because, you know… car. Just make sure your face is well-cleansed, which you can do by applying a cleansing soap on the go. 

Sacrifice the liquids

Let’s face it – the Uber driver will be darting in and out of traffic as you try and apply concealer in that little window-mirror-flap-thingy. It’s not an ideal situation, and you can’t expect 10/10 results. Still, opting for cushion impacts over liquids reduces the chance of spillage, patting on everything you need instead of trying to carefully apply liquid-based products while the driver hits a dual carriageway at 40 mph.

All of the lights

Once you’ve applied everything you need, turn your head in all directions. Cars allow in lots of natural light, which means you should move your head about to see how your face looks in different lighting. One of the downsides of applying makeup in the car is that it casts all forms of shadows over your face. But by turning your head into different shades of light, you can get a better idea of how well you’ve put on your makeup. 

Don’t forget the baby wipes

Ok, so you were running late, which means asking you to remember all the bits and pieces of your mobile makeup kit is a big ask. But if there’s one thing we recommend taking with you, it’s baby wipes. Putting makeup on in the car can be tricky, and you’re bound to make the odd mistake here and there. Having baby wipes to hand means you can clean the blotches and avoid arriving at your destination looking like an extra from clown college. 

Makeup on the go

Putting on makeup in the car isn’t ideal, but you can still successfully apply everything you need without too much hassle. By avoiding liquids and making use of the light, you’ll reach your destination looking like you spent hours at home applying the perfect makeup routine.