Best Road Trip Songs to Add to Your Playlist Right Now!

The only reason you passed your driving test was to play top tunes in your car, right? Isn’t that the whole point of driving in the first place? So you can listen to some jam(z) while cruising along the open road, wind in your hair and all that jazz? Speaking of jazz, what are the best songs you should to listen to behind the wheel? We’ve got you covered with tunes from Drake to Bruce Springsteen and just about everyone else with the best songs to add to your road trip playlist.

1) Blink 182, What’s My Age Again

Go old school with a real pop-punk anthem. Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again” is a little under two minutes, but there's not a second wasted, and it’s the kind of song you and your friends can belt out while cruising down the M1. Just make sure you mind those average speed camera checks. 

2) Drake, Controlla 

Vibes. Pure vibes emanate from Drak'e "Controlla", a tune that coerces you into head-bobbing without you even realising it. And let's not forget the dance hall drop after the second minute... 👌

3) The Killers, Mr. Brightside

Another classic, The Killers "Mr Brightside" is pure pop indulgence with riffs and melodies that will set you free on the road, even if you're stuck in traffic. The tempo is fast, and the lyrics can easily be recited. You can't go wrong with a bit of "Mr Brightside" when you're behind the wheel. 

4) Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run

There's poetry in the lyrics of "Born to Run", but all you'll care about is that guitar riff playing throughout the 4:29 minutes of this all-time great. Springsteen's voice is liberated here, and then the saxophone comes in. Lyrics, guitar and saxophone. What more could you ask for? 

5) Curtis Harding, Next Time

The chords on "Next Time" by Curtis Harding will have you strumming your fingers on the wheel as you listen to an underrated gem. There are 70s vibes on this track, not to mention a hint of Jimi Hendrix. 

6) Frank Ocean, Nights

There are so, so many Frank Ocean songs to choose from when it comes to a top-notch road trip playlist. But we've gone for "Nights", a five-minute masterpiece of music-making that's ready to give you serious goosebumps Oh, and that beat switch on 3.30...😍. It's pure compositional brilliance. "Everyone wanna see nirvana but don't wanna die"... poetry. 

7) Whitesnake, Here I Go Again

If you've been dumped recently and are hitting the road to get away from it all with your friends, then "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake should be right at the top of your playlist. Turn the volume up a notch, embrace the eighties and get ready to roar out that chorus: 🎵Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known..."🎵. You know the drill. 

8) Incubus, Are You In

US indie band Incubus know how to create laid-back vibes on their tracks, and "Are You In" is all about the chill (and an orgy if you believe the rumours). You'll feel like you're cruising down a California road – and who knows? You might be – while lead singer Brandon Boyd calmly sings "are you in" again and again and again. We're in, Brandon. We are in. 

9) Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

A great road trip song doesn't need to be all about the vibes (though it does help); sometimes it's just needs to be a pure poptastic hit. And that's exactly what you'll get with Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream". Simplistic chords and beats play in the background while Katy does her thing with a pop anthem the whole car can sing along to. 

10) Dave and AJ Tracey, Thiago Silva

From poptastic tunes with Katy Perry to a pure grime anthem, now it's time to get serious on your road trip. Dave and AJ Tracey go bar to bar with this five-star track that will have you bopping to the beat and rapping along to some proper flows. "Hit him with the left-right, left-right, left-right-right. One jab, then I duck, then weave". Dave and Aj, we salute you. 

11) Kanye West feat Jamie Foxx and Twister, Slow Jamz

Another classic, Slow Jamz is Kanye West at his best, with Jamie Foxx crooning the chorus and Twister adding his rapping chops. Slow Jamz is the kind of song you sing word for word, especially when Mr Foxx is on. And if the road trip is just you and your date, Slow Jamz could be the perfect tonic for what follows later... a respectful peck on the check (get your mind out of the gutter). 

12) Paul Simon, Graceland

Long drives evoke a range of emotions. There are the moments where you're going with the flow, and others that call for contemplation. When it comes to the latter, make sure you listen to Paul Simon's "Graceland". It's a perfect toe-tapping tune to listen to as he reflects on his failed marriage to Carrie Fisher. It's nostalgic and hopeful, giving us all a little inspiration when things don't quite go as planned. 

13) Guns N' Roses, Welcome to the Jungle

Oh, ish is about to get real. Big hair, guitar riffs and Axel Rose in his prime await you when "Welcome to the Jungle" kicks in. This song will have you dancing along in the car and reminiscing, even if you weren't alive when it first took the world by storm in 1987. From 3:25, the song gets very real, because you're in the jungle, baby. 

14) Hoops, Rules

Another California chill song, "Rules" by Hoops is all about the dream-pop as you roll down one of the UK's motorways feeling the vibes. There's an eighties-nodding, lo-fi and gleaming guitar, which evokes a dreamy mirage and offers a blissed-out joint that you can enjoy in just under three minutes. 

15) J-Hus, Did You See? 

"Did You See" is the blockbuster 2017 hit from J Hus, and it's the perfect song for a road trip where it's all about the melodies and lyrics. The two-bar lyrics, "did you see what I done, came in a black benz left in a white one" are now legendary and perfectly complement the wah-wah sound in the background. Crank this one up and sing along in style, especially if you're in a black or white Benz.

16) The Kooks, Naive

UK indie band The Kooks created a classic back in 2006 with "Naive", a pop-indie anthem featuring sugary riffs and voice cracks. Even though the song is over 15 years old, it holds up today and doesn't sound out of place, which is a testament to the band's ability to create great-sounding timeless music perfect for a road trip. 

17) Arctic Monkeys, I Bet You Look Good on the Dance floor

2006 was a great year for British indie music, with Arctic Monkeys joining The Kooks with "I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor". It was quite possibly the song of the year, and it still holds up today, making for a great playlist option when you need to up the energy on your road trip lull. The guitar riff is infectious, and lead singer Alex Turner sounds completely unique with his Sheffield twang. 

18) Audioslave, Shadow On The Sun

Some songs are made for the car stereo, and Audioslave's "Shadow On The Sun" is one of them. It also happens to feature in the box-office smash Collateral , which features its fair share of cars. The beauty of this song is in its build-up, with the late, great Christopher Cornell starting off slowly to eerie guitar riffs in the verses before picking up the pace as the chorus kicks in. You'll feel like you're driving with a purpose when "Shadow On The Sun" plays. 

19) Goldlink feat Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy, Crew

"Don't act like I'm your man, you just a fan"... and with confident lyrics like that, how can you go wrong with this 2017 sleeper hit? Goldlink and Shy Glizzy rap over a beat  that screams "it's Friday night, and we're on our way to the club", while Brent croons the chorus. If you're on your way to a weekend of partying, you should put "Crew" on to get in the mood. 

20) I've Been Everywhere, Johnny Cash

If you don't know where you're driving to, Johnny Cash probably does. After all, he's been everywhere, man. Which he so elegantly sings on "I've Been Everywhere", a song that features no less than 91 places sang off in rapid-fire succession. You can't beat that gravelly bass-baritone sound of Johnny Cash. 

21) Miley Cyrus, Party in the U.S.A

You can't go wrong with a bit of Miley when you're getting in the mood for a staycation somewhere and hopping in your car for a road trip. Put your hands up as Miley plays her song and nod your head like yeah. 

22) Billy Lemos, 12.34am

This is a song you should listen to on a road trip at night (preferably at 12.34am). Billy Lemos, Omar Apollo and Maxwell Young provide a pulsating beat that seemingly comes out of nowhere, crooning along with voices made for the best RnB tracks. 12:34 am is a mix of styles, but it's all vibes in its short 2:07 run time. 

23) Journey, Don't Stop Believing  

Whether you know "Don't Stop Believing" from its 1981 release or as the track played right at the end of The Sopranos finale, Journey's hit is a legendary song and just what you need on your road trip. It's one of the most played tracks at karaoke, so get ready to sing along to this gleaming eighties classic from behind the wheel. 

24) The Beatles, Twist and Shout

You can't have a road trip playlist without The Beatles featuring on it, and "Twist and Shout" is perfect for gliding along while singing along to a proper Sixties anthem. "Come on, come on, come on baby now", indeed.

25) Choker, Petrol Bliss

There are an awful lot of songs on this playlist that are all about the laid-back vibes. That's mostly because you need some chill while driving, and "Petrol Bliss" from Choker will have you feeling like you're in cruise control as the singer playfully sings along to an echoing beat. 

26) Faye Meana, Move On

Modern-day Rnb has never sounded so good, and we can thank artists like Faye Meana for that. "Move On" is perfect for sunny-day drives to somewhere like Bournemouth or Brighton – basically, anywhere with a beach and, you guessed it, good vibes. 

27) Phantom Planet, California

So here's the thing: everyone remembers "California" as the hit theme song for 2002's The O.C. But to write off this emo classic as a TV intro doesn't do it the justice it deserves. Phantom Planet created a timeless classic ideal for slowly cruising down a scenic road somewhere. It doesn't even need to be in California (it kinda does). 

28) SIR feat Kendrick Lamar, Hair Down

Whether it's California coasts or the city of LA, there's a certain sound that's instantly recognisable – be it pop, punk or Rnb – when listening to West Coast artists. SIR's modern classic is asking you to let your hair down while you cruise along enjoying the drive. This mellow track is heavy-lidded and sun-seeking. Basically, it's the perfect song for your summer road trip playlist. 

29) Taylor Swift, Shake it Off

Every now and then, a pop artist makes a song that's loved by everyone. Like, everyone. "Shake it off" is one of those anthems, so let the players play and let the haters hate while you drive along shaking to Swift's infectious pop masterpiece. It'll take you forever to shake this song off. 

30) Cindy Lauper, I Drove All Night

"I Drove All Night" really shows off Cyndi Lauper's range, and this feverish desire will make you think she made the song just for your driving exploits. "I Drove All Night" is going somewhere, and so are you. You're just not sure where yet, and neither is Cindy. But that's fine. You'll get there. You'll get there. 

31) Ivan Ave, On The Very Low

Another short but sweet track, "On The Very Low" has dream synths for your drive. It has minimal, yet colourful production, smooth vocals and a great flow from Ivan. In fact, it's so good that you wish it was a tad longer than the 2:49 runtime. 

32) Bryan Adams, Summer of 69

An all-time classic, "The Summer of 69" is one to belt out while you're on the open road. It's equally popular with people of all ages because it captures the emotions of being young and not knowing what the future holds while looking forward optimistically. Oh, and something about 69.

33) Outkast, ATLiens

Known for their massive hits like "Mrs Jackson" and "Bombs Over Baghdad", Outkast is one of the best in the game. But if you want a serious banger for your car, opt for one of the earlier hits from Andre 3000 and Big Boi in the form of "ATLiens". Slick flows, a pulsating beat and two of the best rappers flexing their chops on their come-up await you on this track. It's a head-bopper indeed. 

34) Static Major, Love is Dro

Keeping with the Rnb and hip-hop theme, let's turn our attention to "Love is Dro" by Static Major. This is the perfect track to play on a road trip with your partner, and it certainly sets the mood for what might come later – all to the backdrop of a beat that just so happens to be ripe for the club.

35) The Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil

Get grooving with The Rolling Stones's "Sympathy For The Devil". This track runs for just over six minutes and will have you tapping the wheel and wanting to stop the car to do some of those iconic Mick Jagger moves. 

36) Prince, Little Red Corvette 

Keeping with the classics, make sure that Prince's "Little Red Corvette" is on your playlist. It's perfect for the car, especially if you happen to be in a corvette. And even if you're not, you'll find it impossible not to sing along as Prince builds to the chorus in his signature style. The song might be metaphor heavy, but when you break it down, it's all about the little red corvette.

37) Glass Animals, Heat Waves

Arguably the song of the summer in 2021, "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals blew up when it was released, and it's the perfect track for your car trip with its catchy sing-along lyrics that will have you bursting your lungs while you drive down the motorway. 

38) Gym Class Heroes, Cupid's Chokehold

"Cupid's Chokehold" by Gym Class Heroes has all the vibes for a road trip and more. The lyrics are catchy and easy to sing/rap along to, and the laid-back style of the song is perfect for a calm head-nod as you embark on your road trip. Ass this track to your playlist asap. 

39) The Proclaimers, I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

If you're driving to Scotland, then it would be criminal not to include "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers on your playlist. This 1987 pop cult hit works for any road trip, even if you're driving outside of Scotland. But it's especially important that you include on your trip to Tartan country.

40) Brent Faiyaz feat Drake, Wasting Time

Get ready for more vibes with Brent Faiyaz's Neptunes's produced "Wasting Time". The track features Pharrell's signature beat throughout, with Brent crooning about why the girls should waste time with him. Oh, and then there's Drake adding a few bars to complete what is a flawless Rnb gem. 

41) Two Another, Waiting on You

Two Another's "Waiting on You" is the perfect tune for a beachside cruise. It's laid-back sound is the kind of music you listen to on your way to catch some surf. So if you're heading into Cornwall, make sure this lucid track is on your playlist and get the campfire ready after riding some waves. 

42) Cleo Sol, Her Light

Well this song is just nice and makes for a lovely laid-back listen during your road trip. We can already picture you driving along to the backdrop of some meadows while the flowers bloom as you hum along to Cleo Sol's blissful voice.

43) The Beatles, Two of Us

One of the more underrated tracks from The Beatles, "Two of Us" has all the makings of a Sunday drive in the countryside. And with lyrics like "we're on our way home", you might want to save it for the return journey of your road trip, preferably while you're passing some lush green hills.

44) Curtis Harding, Keep on Shining

Curtis makes another entry on our playlist, this time with the dance-floor hit "Keep on Shining". The new blues singer will get you grooving in the car with this tune and its feel-good lyrics. Keep on Shining is the perfect pick-me-up if you're hitting a slump on your road trip.

45) Gloria Estefan, Conga

Take a trip back in time to the 80s with Gloria Estefan's hit, "Conga". It's an instant mood-booster and one to play with the whole crew in the car. The infectious track will have you doing the conga from behind the wheel from the minute it hits the speakers. 

46) Desire, Under Your Spell

Desire created a synth-pop hit with "Under Your Spell," which featured on the soundtrack for Ryan Gosling's movie, Drive. And any song made for a film about driving is perfect for a road trip if you ask us. It's all about love, desire and obsession, with dark minor key swirls of accompanying vintage synths that create the perfect sound for your drive. 

47) Ariana Grande, Positions 

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, so it's only right that she has a song or two that are perfect for a road trip playlist. We've gone for "Positions", a track about, well, let's just say it's not about yoga positions or how your car is parked. With lyrics like "I'm tryna meet your mama on a Sunday and make love to you on a Monday", we'll let you come to your own conclusions. 

48) VanJess, Slow Motion

Another tune for the couples embarking on a road trip together, VanJess's "Slow Motion" is an enchanting, blues-y song that will certainly get you in the mood. The on-point harmonies are only heightened by a brassy saxophone line and romantic production.

49) Omarion, Mutual

Are we sexing up the playlist? It looks like we're sexing up the playlist. Omarion's "Mutual" features smooth beats and passionate vocals that create an infectious track featuring a verse from rapper Wale. "Mutual" cements its status as a bedroom hit to listen to while you're taking a slow drive. No backseat shenanigans, though. 

50) Vanessa Carlton, A Thousand Miles

Right, it's getting a little too steamy, so let's take the mood to a more innocent place with a pop classic. Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" is an instant sing-a-long hit. And while ol' Nessa might walk a thousand miles, we suggest you rack up those miles from behind your wheel. 

51) 21 Savage, A Lot

21 Savage has a lazy flow on his songs and nowhere is that more obvious than on the mega-hit "A Lot". This is another song to listen to while you're in cruise control. Listen out for J Cole's verse that ramps up the energy and doesn't miss a bar. 

52) Brent Faiyaz, Dead Man Walking

Another hit from our boy Brent, "Dead Man Walking" has all the vibes of a summer night drive. After all, the first lyrics are "drop the roof and let the smoke clear". Smoke is optional, of course. This one takes a while to build, but every second is worth the wait for the beat to kick in as Brent croons about being a young man doing his thing without a care in the world.

53) Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk

Ramp up the energy with "Uptown Funk" from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. This track just oozes all the cool with excellent production from Ronson and great vocals from Mars. You and your mates will be head-bobbing in no time at all once "Uptown Funk" begins.

54) Funktown America, Celebrate Good Times

A road trip is a time for excitement and celebration, so why not turn up the volume and "Celebrate Good Times" with Funktown America? It's an oldie but goodie and will get everyone in the mood for the adventure ahead. 

55) Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, I Don't Care

A summer song if ever there was one, "I Don't Care" sees two of pop's big hitters joining forces to create an infectious and bubbly hit. This one is a singalong anthem, for sure. So get your lungs flowing as you belt out the words to this modern-day classic. Sing it like you just don't care. 

56) TLC, Creep

There are so many TLC classics to choose for your playlist, but we've gone with "Creep". Maybe it's the saxophone, maybe it's the sultry vocals from T-Boz, or maybe it's just the fact that "Creep" is one of the best songs in the female RnB group's catalogue. Whatever the reason, there's no doubt that "Creep" will sound great coming out of your car stereo. 

57) Guns N' Roses, Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Guns N' Roses entry on our playlist, "Sweet Child O' Mine" will take you right back to the 80s (or there for the first time if you were born afterwards) with guitar riffs and the unmistakable vocals of Axl Rose. This is another classic that you can't help but sing along to. 

58) Bobby V., Slow Down

Back to the Rnb vibes, "Slow Down" by Bobby V. is just vibes and nothing else. There's really no other way to put it, so slow down, add it to your playlist, press play and nod your head while listening to what might just be one of the quintessential summer jamz. 

59) Robin Schulz, Waves

If you're driving anywhere near a beach, "Waves" by Robin Schulz is the song for you. Everything about it paints a picture of a summer getaway to a sandy spot where there's a chilled-out atmosphere. The song was a huge hit when it came out in 2014, and we're still enjoying this masterpiece all these years later. 

60) It wasn't me, Shaggy

Get ready for some more singalong vibes with Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me". This was a mega hit when it came out all the way back in 2000 and has gone on to become an all-time classic. The simplistic chorus and ferocious verses will have you dancing in your car. Just make sure you don't get carried away. Otherwise you'll be telling the police "it wasn't me" after you accidentally drive off road. 

61) Kings of Leon, California Waiting

There was a moment towards the end of 2010 where Kings of Leon were perhaps the biggest band on the planet, thanks to hits like "Sex on Fire". However, most will agree that their best music came before the mainstream attention, and with songs like "California Waiting", it's easy to see why. "California Waiting's" excellent guitar riff will get you going while the poignant lyrics will engross you in the song even more. 

62) Thinking About You, Calvin Harris

Mr Harris has made hit after hit, but it's "Thinking About You" that makes the cut for our playlist. Some songs just effortlessly capture a certain feeling, and "Thinking About You" has us casting our minds off to strolls along Ibiza beaches at 5am in the morning. The excellent vocals of Ayah Marar do an excellent job of bringing "Thinking About You" to life. 

63) The Lovin' Spoonful, Summer in the City

Coming in at just under three minutes, "Summer in the City" is a great song to lift the mood, especially if you're on a road trip to a big city ... in the summer. The first lines are the chorus, and we're all here for a song that gets straight to the point. This is pure Sixties sounds at its best. 

64) Travis Scott feat Drake, Sicko Mode

Get ready to go wild behind the wheel. From the moment Drake starts singing, you know the beat is on its way. And when it does hit, boy oh boy, what a payoff. This is a serious headbanger, and one you'll want to hear again in the club after doing your thing in the car. The drop ... wait for it ...💥

65) The Wanted, Glad You Came

If you're out and about on a road trip in Europe, preferably Ibiza, The Wanted's "Glad You Came" is an all-time classic perfect for the sun. It's pure pop vibes and stands the test of time 10 years after its release thanks to infectious lyrics and an energetic beat. 

66) Chris Brown, Beautiful People

Another banger for the summer time, "Beautiful People" came out the same year as The Wanted's "Glad You Came" and also captured the dance craze of that era. It's one where you should to turn the volume up to 11 and bop your heads as you drive along the open roads to the backdrop of glistening waters. As the lyrics so clearly tell us, "Live your life."

67) Taylor Swift, Style

Mega pop star Taylor Swift is back for her second playlist entry, this time with "Style". If ever a song was made for a road trip, it's this one. She even uses the words "long drive" in the lyrics. What more could you want? How about a slow build to the chorus, where the sheer poptastic nature of the song kicks in and will have you singing along word for word?

68) David Myles, Turn Time Off

One for the couples here. "Turn Time Off"  by David Myles is a soothing song ideal for a slow drive in the countryside at night before you retreat to your your log-fired hideaway for a, erm, game of scrabble. 

69) Oasis, Don't Look Back in Anger

An all-time classic, "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis is an anthem that's easy to sing along to as you navigate the M6 on your way to Manchester. This song defined the mid-90s Britpop era and is one of the best tracks from the catalogue of Liam and Noel. 

70) The Neighborhood, Sweater Weather

The Neighborhood's "Sweater Weather" is a hipster joint to get down to while you're driving. There's a retro feel to this tune, from the slide guitar sound to the black and white video made for the song (obviously don't watch that while you're driving). What makes "Sweater Weather" work so well is the image it paints – it's sexually charged without ever becoming crass, and the melody is about as catchy as they come. 

71) D'Angelo, Spanish Joint

While we don't recommend doing what the song suggests, we certainly think it's one you should have on your car playlist. No one croons like D'Angelo, and "Spanish Joint" is just pure class, from the guitar to the trumpets. Everything about this song blends effortlessly together to create a true classic. 

72) Ben Howard, Rivers in Your Mouth

Folk singer extraordinaire Ben Howard's "Rivers in Your Mouth" is just one of those songs that was made for driving. There's something very "heading down the motorway at 2am with purpose" to it, and "Rivers in Your Mouth" manages to sound both eerie and exciting at the same time. If you're looking for something a little different on your playlist, press play on this hit.  

73) Kendrick Lamar, D.N.A

One of the greatest rappers to ever do it, Kendrick Lamar's "D.N.A" is all about the energy. Oh, it's also got a thumping beat and some serious bars, with Kendrick flowing like no one has ever flowed before. "D.N.A" explores the shifting relationships between pride and humility, love and lust, fear and faith. That beat, though. 

74) KYLE, iSpy

If you're looking for a rap song that's not quite as deep as "D.N.A", go for "iSpy" by KYLE. The nursery rhyme style chorus will rope you in, and the beat drop will have you nodding your head in apporval as you listen to a grown man sing "eye spy with my little eye". 

75) Jhene Aiko, Sativa

No one does sultry quite like Jhene Aiko, and her colab with Swae Lee on "Sativa" is a pure vibes, a song ideal for a late-night drives. "Savita" takes you on a trippy ride, with drinks on Jhene and lots of people getting high off all the weed. Not in the car, mind. 

76) Leon Bridges, Bad Bad News

"Bad Bad News" by Leon Bridges is a Good Good Song. The tune is an ode to old-fashioned jazz and soul but with a contemporary feel. Combined with Leon's excellent vocals, the  guitar breaks make this song and give it a fresh feel. Jazz for the modern-day crowds, if you will. 

77) Sam Fender, Dead Boys

"Dead Boys" by SameFender is a garage rock classic with a haunting and intimate sound that somehow works in your car. It might be the speed up of the guitar or when the song hurtles towards the bridge. It could be Sam's soothing yet eerie vocals. Whatever it is, "Dead Boys" is ultimately a sad song that's also somehow quite uplifting and with the kind of energy needed for the perfect car playlist song. 

78) Teyana Taylor, Gonna Love Me (Remix)

Some of the Wu Tang Clan's greatest reunite for Teyana Taylor's soulful "Gonna Love Me" to bring us a modern-day classic. Teyana ropes you in with the smooth vocals, but it's the verses of Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon that bring you back to the 90s with some pure Rnb and hip hop nostalgia.  

79) John Mayer, New Light

If you're looking for some upbeat music during your drive, tune into John Mayer's "New Light". It's more energetic than his usual stuff and is as catchy af. You'll find yourself drumming your hands against the wheel as you drive along with all the good feels. Ol' Johnny boy's done it again with this bonafide hit.

80) Baby Keem Feat Kendrick Lamar, Family Ties

It's all about the energy on "Family Ties", where Baby Keem raps along effortlessly with his cousin, Kendrick Lamar. The two go bar for bar while the beat thumps. You'll hear the vibrations around your car as you bop your head to this classic in the making. 

81) Dijon, The Dress

Despite Dijon being a relatively new artist, "The Dress" has some real 90s vibes to it. And you know what? We're all here for it. Dijon croons along, sounding a bit like Babyface (for those who remember) while he sings about how his partner still fits into her dress. So this song is either about how the dress still looks nice on her after all these years or how well his significant other has maintained their shape throughout the years. Or maybe we're just thinking too much and should shut up and listen to Dijon do his thing.

82) Usher, Can You Get Wit It

Look, let's put aside the fact that Usher was just 15 when he was singing lyrics like "so tell me girl, are you ready to do what we came to do" and just indulge in this classic Rnb hit produced by Jodeci's Devante. "Can you Get With it" provides a trip down memory lane with a taste of what was to come over the next 20-odd years as Usher went on to become the mega pop star he is today.

83) Weezer, Africa

Some random person on the internet asked for it, so some random person on the internet got it: a remake of Toto's "Africa" from everyone's favourite indie band, Weezer. They do the song justice, and it's ideal for a road trip thanks to the epic lyrics and crashing guitar lyrics. This is an all-time classic remade with a new lease of life. 

84) Olivia Rodrigo, Good 4 U

Olivia Rodrigo shot to fame with her hit, "Drivers License". And while singing about cars might be appropriate for a road trip, it's "Good 4 U" that should be blazing out of your speakers. Three-hundred million views on YouTube tells you all you need to know about pop's latest sensation. And "Good 4 U" is a singalong classic in the making. 

85) Swae Lee, Reality Check

Vibes, vibes and more vibes is what you get with Swae Lee's "Reality Check". Swae, with his unique voice, hits all the right notes throughout this jam as he flows along singing about his need to do better than his ex. Petty, maybe. But you can't deny it's a great tune. 

86) Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

It doesn't matter which part of the road trip you're on, Nirvana's "Smell's Like Teen Spirit" is a track you need loaded onto your playlist. This song requires head banging, head banging and more head banging. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the road. Now, we're were we? "Hello, hello, hello, how low". 

87) The Doors, Light My Fire

Jim Morrison is perhaps one of the greatest musicians to ever live, thanks to his haunting lyrics and poetic genius. Yet, it's "Light My Fire" that The Doors will always be remembered for – the song took on a life of its own. This is a great track for your drive, especially the four-minute plus instrumental leading up to Morrison's return to the mic. If ever there was a song representing a heady mix of sex and drugs, of hedonism and nihilism, it's "Light My Fire". 

89) Brent Faiyaz, MERCEDES

If you're going to blaze a song or two from the car stereo, it might as well be named after a car brand. And props if you're driving a Mercedes at the time. Brent is back with his Rnb crooning, this time telling potential love interests that being with him involves more than simply driving his Mercedes. It's quite the assumption to think they only want to get with Brent for his cars, but nonetheless, this track is has a thumping baseline and some serious serenading. So who are we to argue? 

90) Butcher Brown, Camden Square

Sometimes lyrics aren't necessary when cruising along. Instead, you merely want to relax to soothing sounds. With Butcher Brown's "Camden Square", that's just what you'll get. This song is nothing but saxophones, drums, guitar and pure good vibes. And if you haven't guessed by now, we're all for creating a vibe during our car journey. Play this song, and relax for the next seven minutes while you drive to your destination. 

91) WALK THE MOON, Shut Up and Dance

Crank it up a notch for your next playlist track with WALK THE MOON's "Shut Up and Dance". We can imagine this one playing on the dance floor at the end of the night, rivalling the Killer's "Mr Brightside". "Shut Up and Dance" works just as well in your car, getting everyone pumped up for the night to come.

92) Justin Bieber feat Daniel Ceasar & Giveon

Justin Bieber cranks up the Rnb sounds with a little help from Daniel Ceasar and Giveon on "Peaches", a jam made for the car. In fact, the video is even shot behind the wheel, so what more could you ask for? The Biebs, Ceas and Giv all have one verse to impress as they sing about their very own peach (not the actual fruit). Who nailed their verse? All three, we say, but extra props to Ceasar and his incredible vocals.  

93) Stereophonics, The Bartender and the Thief

Next up is an old-school song you need to play at max volume. The Stereophonics had some hits during their time, and the "Bartender and the Thief" is right up there with the best of them. It's melodic, yet full of energy – the type of song where you'll pick up the lyrics after just a few seconds. So if you're looking for great guitar riffs and high octane energy, get this hit from the Stereophonics on your playlist. 

94) Papa Roach, Last Resort

Granted, the lyrics to Papa Roach's "Last Resort" aren't exactly the most uplifting, with the theme heavily centred on suicide. But it's also a positive song that lets people know it's okay not to be okay. And of course, it's just a great song with pounding guitar riffs and a lead singer (Jacoby Shaddix) who really feels what he's signing. Pump this one out during your drive. 

95) Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding, Outside

From rock to unadulterated pop, Calvin Harris's "Outside" is a bonafide hit from an era where dance songs ruled the pop charts. Ellie Goulding lends her vocals to "Outside", which is ideal for a summer trip playlist. The track is upbeat and infectious, ready to get you in the mood for your weekend getaway/hen or stag night/beach trip ... delete as appropriate. 

96) The Strokes, Last Night

In 2001, The Strokes released a classic anthem that sounds as good today as it did then. "Last Night" is pure indie indulgence, a song that perfectly captures the New York scene at the time, yet manages to remain timeless. This track propelled The Strokes into stardom, and it just so happens to be a lively, upbeat sng to play in the car on the way to your next destination. 

97) Titose, Forest

Another relaxing gem for your car stereo, "Forest" is about as chill as they come. Sung by Titose, this song is about a relationship with so much potential but nothing ever quite aligns. Titose's soft voice encapsulates the mood in a track you should listen to on one of those late-night drives. 

98)Kendrick Lamar Feat Sampha, Father Time

Kendrick is perhaps at his most vulnerable on "Father Time", with lyrics like "I come from a generation of home invasions, and I've got daddy issues, that's on me". Still, he uses his past experiences to explain how he's become the person he is today. This is a song of truths, and it's brought home by Sampha's crowning chorus. A modern-day classic. Get it on your playlist. 

99) The Weeknd, The Hills

Before the Weeknd became super-famous, he built his reputation with songs like "The Hills". This eerie track builds up slowly before The Weeknd hits us with his trademark sound. "The Hills" is ideal for a car playlist, a song you can sing along to during your drive around Beverley Hills maybe? Or on your way to Plymouth. Whatever works. 

100) Ice Cube, Today Was a Good Day

An absolute classic, "It Was a Good Day" is arguably Ice Cube's best song. During the four-minute-plus run time, Cube reflects on how his day was a surprisingly good one in South Central LA, a place that was anything but safe in the 1990s. Put this song on your car playlist, and you'll be having a good day, too. 

Top Playlists for Your Car

You won't go wrong with our playlist suggestion. We've got sounds for all ears, whether you like rocking out, listening to RnB or blazing  a pop anthem out of the stereo. So get downloading and arm your car stereo with some seriously good tunes for a road trip.

And just in case you're looking for some more car inspiration, here's a Carmoola playlist we made just for you. Some of the songs feature in our suggestions above. Plus, there's a few more on there just for good measure.