The Best Car Blogs You Need to Read Now

If you're obsessed with all things cars, then you'll want to know where you can read up on the latest news in the world of motoring. Whether it's reviews, tidbits about driving or finding the right finance deals, there are loads of great blogs ready for a gander. Which ones are the best, you ask? Keep reading and find out all about the best car blogs where you can get all the insights into the world of automobiles. 

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Created by motoring enthusiast Adam Tudor-Lane, Carwitter has gone on to become a huge success and bagged a couple of awards for outstanding blogging along the way. A browse through Carwitter reveals all the latest news and unbiased advice and reviews about a variety of car models. 

Take it to the Road

If you're a lover of classic and collector cars, you should read Take it to the Road. It has classic car features, car show reviews and updates on classic vehicles. TV stars from the car world often pop up on it too, and there's also product reviews and feature films. Oh, and let's not forget all the great photos of classic cars.

Motor Verso

Motor Verso was created to help car buyers make important decisions with plenty of car-related products tested and reviewed by the team. There's also some fun content on there about specific cars, as well as first looks at vehicles coming to the market. Just think of Motor Verso as the latest in car motoring, from news to reviews and everything in between. 

Daily Car Blog

The Daily Car Blog is updated daily (the name is a bit of a giveaway) and really does dive into all the latest news in the world of cars. There's also info on industry goings-on, reviews, video content and features to give you a fully comprehensive rundown on all things cars. Plus, Formula 1 enthusiasts will love the dedicated section, while those looking for a laugh will enjoy reading "Worst Car of the Week".


We couldn't list our favourite car blogs without tooting our own horn just a little bit. Visit the Carmoola blog for everything from advice on getting car finance to HP v PCP car finance blogs. Plus, there are fun articles providing you with the best playlists to listen to while you drive and which cars celebs own. We cover a broad range of subjects (including this article right here) designed to inform and amuse car buyers about everything happening in the world of driving. We also happen to think that we’re one of the best car finance websites around. Check it out for yourself.


You will find all things cars on Motor-Vision. The site does news, reviews and features, but there are also car surveys, articles on classic, modified, performance and American cars, as well as the latest news on in-car technology. The Motor-Vision Awards is another feature, offering a competition that rewards up to £20,000 to people who want to realise their motoring dreams.


Head over to PetrolBlog to celebrate the cars you loved as well as the ones you didn't. The website has been going strong for more than 10 years and now splits content up into separate channels: Major Waffle, General Bunk and Reviews. PetrolBlog covers anything and everything from 80s and 90s cars to even older models from the 60s and 70s. If you want to indulge in the vehicles of years gone by, this is the blog for you. 

Automotive Blog

One of the new blog sites to the car world, Automotive Blog was created to inform and entertain readers. You can expect to find fun features, news and car reviews that offer a level of motoring expertise and can be enjoyed by all levels of car lovers. There's also the odd, offbeat article about the world of motoring, such as TikTok's most popular cars. 

Girlracer Magazine

Get the latest mainstream news on cars and more with Girlracer magazine. From interesting articles covering a 1972 van inspired the ID. Buzz to road tests for all sorts of cars, including the Bentley Continental GT, Girl  has everything you need in the world of vehicles. It’s updated regularly too, so there are tons of fresh content to enjoy on there. 

Car Blog

With Car Blog, you can get the lowdown on a variety of topics, whether it’s the best cars for newly licensed teenagers or the different insurance classes explained. Essentially, it’s a full spectrum motoring blog with everything you need to know about four sets of wheels (and sometimes two and three!). Even better, the blog is owned independently, meaning there are no affiliates and the information is 100% unbiased. 


If you’re a fan of EVs, then you’ll want to head over to Electrek. It covers all things electric cars, from their effect on the climate to newer autonomous models. The downside? It’s primarily aimed at US customers, but you can still get some good info on electric vehicles. And if you really want a UK option, we’ve got a bunch of articles about EVs here at Carmoola

The best car blogs you need to read right now

Get your reading glasses out and enjoy the latest insights from these great bloggers. Whether you're after information on car finance, the latest models, classic cars or just fun and random articles, the blogs on our list more than have you covered. All that's left to do is get reading. 😀