Cars Celebs Own That Are Cheaper Than Yours!

What cars do you think celebrities own? A Mercedes AMG Project One? A Koenigsegg Trevita? Or how about a Lamborghini Veneno? Maybe they like a Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron. Then again, perhaps it's actually a Prius that takes their fancy. Or a teeny-tiny Smart Car. Because it turns out that celebs don't just like flaunting what they've got with flashy vehicles; they quite enjoy cars that are probably cheaper than yours. Check out the list below. 

Cameron Diaz - Toyota Prius (£23,000)

Cameron Diaz is famous for her roles in The Mask, Something About Mary and Charlie's Angles, but she hasn't let fame go to her head – at least, she hasn't when it comes to her car choice. Diaz is known for zipping her Toyota Prius around LA. Then again, the Prius was once the car for celebs. 

Tom Hanks - Scion XB (brand new price: £16,000)

We don't know what a Scion XB is either, but apparently, Tom Hanks drives one. If we're honest, it doesn't come as a surprise to learn that Mr Hanks' car of choice is a lowkey one. Still, with a net worth of £250m, he could have at least plumped for a new Tesla – or something marginally flashier than a car we're not even sure is real. A Scion? Seriously? 

Jeremy Clarkson – Ford Focus (£22,000)

Everyone's favourite petrol head (when he's not punching people because they brought him the wrong lunch, that is) is often seen driving speed machines that include Ferraris, BMW M5s and Aston Martins. But it turns out ol' Clarkson also has a soft spot for the Ford Focus, often choosing to drive it over his other more lavish vehicles. Another celeb who owns one is Jodie Comer - Villanelle from Killing Eve - good choice for a daily driver!

Jennifer Lawrence - Volkswagen Eos (£17,000)

As far as mega movie stars go, Jennifer Lawrence is right up there with the best of them. After making star-turning performances in films like Joy, Silver Linings Playbook and mother!, The Hunger Games actress has opted for a low-key car in the form of a Volkswagen Eos. While it might not be a fancy vehicle, it can get as much as 36mpg, which is considerably more than most supercars. 

Mark Zuckerberg – Acura TSX (£15,000)

When Mark Zuckerberg isn't trying to get your data create new features for Facebook, he's probably driving around in an Acura TSX. With a net worth of more than £72 billion, you might think the Zuck is all about Ferraris and Lamborghinis. But no. Instead, he drives a Honda, which he says is safe, comfortable, and it isn't flamboyant. 

Justin Bieber – Smart Car (£10,000)

Come on now, Justin Bieber. Are you telling us that your car of choice isn't something that should be in a music video and is actually a Smart Car. Really? What.A.World. Bieber might have a few videos on YouTube with more than one billion views each, but he likes to keep it compact and humble with a nifty Smart Car when it's time to get behind the wheel. 

John Goodman – Ford F-150 (£3,500)

Actor John Goodman really does know how to keep it real when it comes to his set of four wheels. The former Rosane star is an Emmy Award winner with a net worth of £45m. But when it comes to his vehicle of choice, Mr Goodman likes to drive around in a Ford F-150, which is more than 20 years old. 

Christian Bale - Toyota Tacoma (£18,000)

Christian Bale is perhaps best known for playing Batman in Christopher Nolan's iconic trilogy. Therefore, it makes sense that he drives the Batmobile in his spare time, right? Apparently not, because the Oscar-winning actor has instead opted for a Toyota Tacoma, a pickup truck that definitely doesn't have any cool gadgets unless we're getting excited by cassette tape players. So if Bale doesn't drive the Batmobile, who does? It turns out you could, though you may need a loan to pay some of the prices they sell for. 

Ludacris - Acura Legend (£10,000)

The hip-hop star and Fast & Furious actor might know a thing or two about driving flashy cars in the movies. But in real life, Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) likes to speed around town in his Acura Legend, a 1993 motor from Honda. He chooses to drive it because the Acura was made before he was famous, and it helps to keep him grounded. 

Pope Francis – Fiat 500 (£10,000)

When you're the Pope, the car you drive is automatically called the Popemobile. No, really. And Pope Francis' Popemobile just so happens to be a Fiat. On the one hand, it makes sense. After all, Fiat is an Italian car manufacturer. On the other, though, surely the actual Pope gets something slightly more snazzy than a Fiat 500? 

LeBron James – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (£18,000)

Sports' fans will argue for hours about who was the greatest ever basketball player between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. But there's no argument when it comes to who drives the most lowkey car. Mr James might have several NBA championships, yet his car of choice doesn't quite match up to his elite sports' star status. The LA Lakers Shooting Guard drives around a Jeep Wrangler, despite earning a salary of around £23m per season. 

Leonardo DiCaprio - Toyota Prius (£23,000)

Alright, Leo, mate. You know Cameron Diaz already beat you to the Prius? That you drive one isn't even that special. Still, great work in The Revenant. 

Celebrities driving cheap cars

It turns out being rich and famous doesn't mean you need to drive around in a mega vehicle worth millions. You can still be one of the world's most famous people and keep a low profile with car brands like Toyota, Honda and Ford. Even a BMW or Range Rover might seem humble against what some top celebs are driving! So the next time you see a Prius pass you by, take a closer look. That Uber driver might actually be an iconic actor.