The Best Car Washes to Visit in the UK

Car owners know the importance of having a clean and well-maintained vehicle. Not only does the car look, smell, and feel good but regular maintenance also extends its lifespan. If you’re looking for the best car washes in the UK, here are three of the top-rated car wash companies that you can try. 


HiDRO is among the best-reviewed car washing services in the UK. It specialises in eco-friendly and sustainable mobile car cleaning. HiDRO was only founded in February 2021 with headquarters in Sutton, London. 

The company aims to make it convenient for car owners to keep their vehicles clean without using the traditional ways of car washing. HiDRO prides itself on having a waterless and eco-friendly car washing method that is also cost-efficient for customers. 

As HiDRO is a mobile car cleaning service, they bring the car wash to the customer's location. Car owners can focus more on their priorities like family, work, or leisure while their cars are being cleaned by the expert crew of HiDRO. 

Car Shower

Car Shower is also a top-rated car washing service company. Customers can browse their services online through the Car Shower website. Booking, rescheduling, and cancelling can all be done online as well. 

Car Shower is also 100% mobile so customers no need to queue or drive to the location to get their cars cleaned. Car owners can simply go about their day as usual while the cleaning specialists of Car Shower take care of the vehicles

Another great feature of this car wash company is that they offer attractive discounts to customers up to 15% when they get a subscription plan. Car owners can choose from one to three monthly basic plans which will then be billed monthly. Car wash services from Car Shower start at £30. 

3C Car Cleaning Company

3C Car Cleaning Company takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. For them, it is not just a marketing tool but is a duty that they pursue every day through their impact-free mobile car wash services. 

In cleaning cars, the company has changed the rules to lessen their impact on pollution and water scarcity. Not only does the 3C Car Cleaning Company offer outstanding car wash services, but they also strive to make their business a sustainable and wastage-free model. 

For customers to get their awesome services, they can request a booking online. First, they have to choose a package which starts at £30. Next, is scheduling the best time to have their cars cleaned. And finally, since the company car washing service, the expert cleaners will come to the customer's location to clean the vehicle. 

Types of Car Washing Techniques

It’s easy to think that there’s only one way to wash a car, but this is not necessarily true. There are several ways to clean a vehicle and each one has its own set of pros and cons. It’s best to know the different techniques though, so you’ll have an idea about which one will do wonders for your car. 


Washing a car by hand is the safest car washing technique. The process begins with a pre-wash, coving the car with snow foam and then rinsing the car off. Starting this way helps in cleaning the car more thoroughly.

Once that’s done, the vehicle gets another coat of suds which cleaners agitate using soft wash mitts. Doing this breaks down the contaminants and loosens them. Rinsing is next, followed by wiping the car dry.

While this is the safest method, it’s also the most time-consuming and most expensive. It’s also not environmentally friendly because it uses so much water as well as other tools. 

Waterless Wash

This method uses a spray-bottle product and a number of microfiber towels. It’s easy to wash the car this way because you only have to spray the product onto the surface and then wipe it with a microfiber towel.

Many prefer this method because it’s more practical. For those who don’t have space to wash their cars by hand or can’t use water, this is a good option. However, it won’t be so effective for removing heavy dirt.

If you only need to remove dust and light dirt, this is perfect. If you’ve just driven through a muddy trail, of course, this method won’t do. 

Rinseless Wash

This technique and the waterless wash may seem similar but they’re actually distinct. It’s like a combination of a handwash and a waterless wash. To clean a car this way, you’ll need a rinseless wash product which will be mixed into water.

Unlike soap, this won’t have any suds, and that’s also why you don’t have to rinse the car. After you’ve finished washing your vehicle, the final step is to wipe it dry. If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to wash the car yourself, this is a good technique to do it. 

Automatic Wash

Automatic washes require you to drive your car onto a tunnel or conveyor belt, where the car is cleaned. Not a lot of car owners like using an automatic wash to clean their vehicles because of the damage it could do to the cars.

The cleaning chemicals could be much harsher, causing the car’s paint to dry out or stripping the coating or wax of the vehicle. When this happens, then it becomes easier for the colour to fade or the paint to crack.

Of course, this method is fast and inexpensive, so there are still car owners that choose this method. 


There you have it! Now you have an idea of what type of car wash method is best for your vehicle. Today, more and more car wash companies prefer waterless or rinseless wash because they want to be more sustainable.

Car washing requires a lot of water if done the conventional way. It’s good that there are other options to choose from that are more environmentally friendly. Expert car wash specialists will take good care of your car so don’t worry too much about damage.

Try booking a schedule with one of the car wash companies we’ve featured and let us know how it goes!