Should You Buy an Environmentally Friendly Car?

Is there an ongoing debate in your head about whether to stick to a conventional car or shift to an environmentally friendly vehicle? Both types of cars have their own set of pros and cons, and depending on how you use the car, the mileage you cover, your budget, and your personal preferences, one type could be better than the other. Read on to know your answer to the question,  "should you buy an environmentally friendly car?"

A diesel or petrol engine car might be the more practical choice for you if you frequently have long journeys. On the other hand, an electric car might be more suited for your needs if you only drive in the city. Let’s take a look at the different factors to consider when buying a green car. 

What is an Environmentally Friendly Car?

Eco-friendly cars are vehicles that run on alternative fuels so that they produce fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional vehicles that run on petrol and diesel fuels. Most of the greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles. If the majority of car owners switch to environmentally friendly vehicles, then air pollution can be reduced significantly. 

There are many benefits to having an eco-friendly car. It’s not only good for the environment, but they’re also a more economical choice because of its fuel efficiency. Hybrid cars do not consume as much fuel as traditional vehicles because they can run on batteries. Electric vehicles don’t consume fuel at all and have zero carbon emissions. 

Some would say that green cars are too expensive to be considered a practical choice. However, if you calculate the amount of money you can save from having an electric car, you’d be surprised. Electricity is much cheaper compared to diesel or petrol. Also, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than conventional cars, so that means less expense when it comes to maintenance and repairs. 

Types of Environmentally Friendly Cars

Hybrid Cars

This type of eco-friendly vehicle is part electric and part fuel-driven. The car has two engines where one is powered by electricity and the other by fuel. You can use either alternatively, depending on your driving needs. For example, if you’re driving slow within the city, then the vehicle will use the electrical engine. If you’re on the motorway, then the car will switch to using the fuel engine. 

Electric Cars

With this type of green car, they’re fully electric, so they do not emit any greenhouse gases. You’ll never need to stop at a fuel station to fill up your tank because it runs only on electricity. You may have your own charging station at your home so you can recharge the battery overnight and be ready to drive the car again by morning. Government grants are available to help you with your purchase of an electric car. 

Should I Buy an Eco-friendly Car?

If you want to do your part in helping to protect the environment, then yes, you should definitely consider buying a green car. However, there are other factors that any car buyer needs to take into account to make sure that an environmentally friendly car is the right choice for their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying an eco-friendly car to help you decide. 

  • You can help the environment - Even if you choose between electric or hybrid vehicles, they’re still better for the environment compared to conventional cars because they have fewer or no carbon emissions. 
  • Enjoy financial benefits - When you buy a green car, you can receive government grants and tax benefits. Also, there’s less fuel consumption if you drive a hybrid car and none at all for a fully electric vehicle. You will save money in the long run. 
  • Higher resale value for eco-friendly cars - There’s a high demand for green cars, so if you ever want to upgrade your vehicle or buy a newer model, you can set a good resale price for it. 
  • Expensive purchase price - If you look at the price range of environmentally friendly vehicles, you’ll notice that they’re much more expensive compared to conventional cars. It’s important to consider how much you can save from fuel costs in the long run to see that buying a green car is worthwhile. 
  • Not for long-distance journeys - Eco-friendly cars are great for city driving. However, if you go on long drives frequently, it may not be the best car for you because it has less power than conventional cars. You may have to make several stops to recharge the battery to continue on your journey. 
  • Availability of charging stations - Depending on your location, charging stations may or may not be readily available. If there are only a few charging stations in your city, then you might not be able to enjoy your car fully because of such limitations. It would be wise to check the availability of charging stations in your area first before buying an electric car. 

Why are Green Cars More Expensive?

Environmentally friendly vehicles like hybrid vehicles or electric cars have higher price tags because they have electric car batteries that are expensive to make. In terms of their technology, they’re more advanced compared to conventional vehicles. Don’t worry, though, because it will not always be like this. More and more car manufacturers are making eco-friendly vehicles to meet market demands, making prices more competitive for car buyers.


As with any big purchase, buying an environmentally friendly vehicle needs a lot of thinking and planning. Consider what your requirements are and whether a green car can meet those needs. Plan your budget as well, and ask yourself how you’re going to pay for your purchase. Will you buy the car with cash or finance it instead? 

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