Statistically Who are Better Drivers: Men or Women? 😬

Today feels like a great day to be controversial, and what better way to start the discussion than by asking the question: are men or women better drivers? 

We’ve put this guide together to bring you a statistical analysis of who is the better driver out of men and women.

It’s a battle of the sexes that has long raged on, but we’re putting the stereotypes to bed and looking at the cold, hard facts. 

If you aren't in the mood to read the whole article... this video with Kathryn covers it all 😉

Defining "better"

Many variables go into driving, from passing your test to the day-to-day behind the wheel. So what constitutes better? We’ve looked at the data from various reports detailing a number of factors and have come up with a definitive answer for you to report to all of your friends 😉

Round one: Passing the test

In the battle of obtaining the driver's license, the fellas take a slight lead. In 2018, of the 1.6 million individuals who took their driving test, 53% were women.

However, the statistics reveal that 31% of women failed their tests, compared to only 24% of men. Men also come out on top when it comes to passing the test on their first attempt, with an impressive 11% achieving success.

Meanwhile, only 9% of women passed on their first try. So, in terms of legally acquiring the keys to hit the road, the men are victorious in this round.

Winner: men 👨

Round two: Day-to-day driving

Statistics show that men when it comes to day-to-day driving, don't perform as well as their female counterparts.

Accidents involving male drivers tend to be more fatal, and they cost more for insurance companies, making women cheaper to insure.

Men also tend to find themselves in more narrow escapes and close calls, while women generally avoid difficult situations on the road.

According to, men make approximately twice as many car insurance claims as women, and they submit 50% more "at fault" claims. Boys, it seems you're truly double the trouble when it comes to cars!

Winner: women 👩

Round three: Behind the Wheel

Unfortunately, it's not looking good for the guys as we move to this round. Not only are men involved in more fatal accidents, but they also tend to exhibit more aggression behind the wheel (starting to see a connection?).

On the flip side, women are known for their calm and composed driving, and they are less likely to honk, overtake without caution, or make intimidating gestures to other drivers.

They remain as cool as cucumbers behind the wheel, while men are, well, more easily provoked. Men are significantly more likely to aggressively overtake, tailgate, fail to indicate, hog the lane, and not give way. Ouch!

Winner: women 👩

Round 4: Traffic violations 

Okay, so despite that the ladies have taken the lead, it would be easier to assume that  they make more traffic violations than men, right? Well that assumption would be wrong.

In 2018, a total of 539,000 drivers were caught breaking traffic laws, and men outnumbered women by a staggering 4 to 1.

Shockingly, 79% of all traffic violations were committed by male drivers 😳

The 79% of offences were committed by male drivers, dominating the most common speeding offences.

With top offences being: speedings, no insurance, no tax, drunk driving and careless driving. Oh gosh lads, what’s going on? 

Winner: women 👩

Who drives more? 

It’s a common misconception that men drive more than women, so it would be easy to assume that the above statistics are flawed. Unfortunately, this is not true.

While men may be more likely to take the wheel for longer road trips, women use their cars for more of their day-to-day activities.

When it comes to the UK average annual miles per year, male drivers only account for 1% more than female drivers.

Winner: men 👨 

And the winner is…

Credit the ladies for their victory, winning 3 to 2 against the guys in the most important setting: on the road.

Any man who holds stereotypical beliefs about female drivers should reconsider. After all, according to statistics, women are the most skilled drivers on the road 💁‍♀️

A Word of Caution: If you find yourself getting offended by this article, please don't. It was crafted with a lighthearted intention, aiming to bring a giggle and a laugh.

Ultimately, driving abilities come down to the individual, regardless of gender 😉