Financing with Carmoola: Customers Reveal Their Experience

Buying a car can be daunting, it’s an expensive process as well as a big commitment, so naturally, this would make anyone take time and consideration about the decision. If you happen to need car finance to get the car of your dreams, that’s another thing to think about: who do you go to for car finance? 🧐 That's what we're going to get to the bottom of today: is Carmoola worth going to for car finance?

The scenario above is one that we completely understand at Carmoola, for this reason, I reached out to two of our customers, Natalie and David, and asked both of them four questions.

We asked them the burning questions that we think all our potential customers will want to know, and what better way to have those answered than by actual Carmoola customers?

What We Asked Our Customers

  1. Why did you choose to finance a car? 🚘
  2. What attracted you to financing with Carmoola? 🚘
  3. How long do you think it took you to buy your car with us? 🚘
  4. Was there anything that stood out the most for you about your experience with us? 🚘

To start with I need to give a shout-out to both of them for being up to help me with the customer story! Thank you, Natalie and David, for taking the time to answer these questions to help potential customers get a better understanding of car finance with Carmoola 💃

Let's get going... here is the tea 🫖


Why did you choose to finance a car? 🚘

“We chose to finance our car because, as the second biggest purchase I’m ever likely to make other than a house, it made good sense to spread the cost over our chosen period. We’re a 2 car family so having one on finance was the obvious choice for us. During these tough times, it’s not always so easy to spend a large sum of money in one hit. Spreading cost for us was paramount.” - David

“I chose to finance a car as the car I wanted was out of my price range to purchase with cash. I could also tailor payments to meet my budget each month.” - Natalie

Both Natalie and David's responses raised the same issue: they couldn't afford one big payment all at once and they were looking to spread the costs over time. This is a common reason why many people take out finance, so they are still able to purchase the car of their dreams and spread the costs in a way that suits their budget  ✅


What attracted you to financing with Carmoola? 💖

“I chose Carmoola for two reasons, the rate they offered me was extremely favourable, unmatched by others. Secondly, I love new concepts, and Carmoola is definitely that. I had never heard of Carmoola and stumbled across them on a comparison site. It was the perfect, simple way to purchase the car we wanted. All we had to do was find one and then leave Carmoola to do the rest.” - David

This response was lovely to hear as we pride ourselves in being a company that has caused a  disruption in car finance by being completely online, where you can get a budget in sixty seconds, and ensuring that the whole process is efficient and quick. We love having our innovative approach recognised, so thank you for the acknowledgment David 😉

“Reviews that I looked at were really good which gave me the confidence to finance with Carmoola as I have never financed a car before. The use of the app was simple and gives you a clear amount of how much you are able to finance. It also recommends reputable dealers giving peace of mind.” - Natalie

Natalies' response was a sure tap on the back, we have over 500 reviews on TrustPilot and we’re so proud of each and everyone as they help new customers get to know the Carmoola experience a bit better. We also are left knowing what’s working and if something might not be working 🌟 

The next question is a fun one to ask, our current record for the quickest time to buy a car from downloading the app straight through to driving out of the dealership is an impressive eighteen minutes! However some customers aren’t in as big of a rush, which is understandable, it’s a big decision, especially where they’re so many choices! 

How long do you think it took you to buy your car with Carmoola? 🚘

“It took me less than a week to purchase our car, once I had found the vehicle I wanted, Carmoola had my funding in place and transferred to the dealership within 48hrs. All we had to do was go and collect it. When we got there, we checked the car over and drove away from the dealership in less than 1 hour.” - David

“The whole process was quick and simple through using the app. I needed something quick and this was all processed within 24 hours with just having to arrange collection of the car after.” - Natalie


Was there anything that stood out the most for you about your experience with us? 🧐

“What stood out for me was the efficiency of Carmoola. It was without a doubt the most hassle-free car purchase I have ever made, and I have purchased a lot of cars over the last 35 years. I received one call for verification purposes from a very friendly young lady called Kayleigh who finalised everything for us. 24hrs later we were up and running. I know who I will be calling when it comes to changing any of our vehicles in the future. Great concept! Great Idea! Great finance facility, with realistic rates!” - David

“The app is so easy to use and you don’t have to endure endless phone calls which can be time-consuming, as it is all completed on the app. The dealer was also very impressed with how quick the process was and how quickly the money was transferred. He said he would recommend Carmoola to other customers.” - Natalie


At the end of the day

Chatting with Natalie and David gave us the opportunity to find out how they really felt about their experience with us and car finance in general, and we also got to hear their candid feedback! Hopefully, their shared experiences help address any concerns or doubts about car finance you may have ✅

...And have introduced you to an exciting new way to pay for the car of your dreams with Carmoola's help 🕺

But if you're still feeling unsure, don't worry! We have a range of informative articles that explain everything you need to know about car finance and your options. Or, if you're feeling daring, you can calculate your budget in just sixty seconds for free 😜

Thank you for reading and I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the process of financing with Carmoola!