Nobody Needs to take Snoop Dogg for a Walk With These Cars

Mr Dogg is known for many things: his music, his philanthropy and the fact that he employed someone to roll joints for him, who then went on to become a professional sushi chef. 👨‍🍳 Snoop has won AMA, BET, MOBO, MTV Award, Primetime Emmy, Rolling Stone Award and Stony Awards, and is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and, for some reason, directed two pornographic films. All of this has brought him considerable wealth, and he’s now valued at $150 million USD. So, what to do with this? Customise cars, apparently! 


We would never consider Snoop old, but he’s certainly got a penchant for classic cars. The 1966 Buick Riviera might be the most vintage of his collection and he’s working hard to keep it in perfect condition. Fans were able to get a peek at this vehicle in Snoop’s ‘Vato’ album in 2006. Hopefully he’ll give us all a better look again soon!

HPGettyImages-159831141.jpg (1)

1967 Cadillac DeVille ‘Brown Sugar’

Cadillacs are classic cars and everyone loves them. Snoop’s DeVille spent some time in the Henry Ford museum before he bought it, added his name and portraits of Snoop and two of his sons, Cordell and Corde. That’s one way to show your fatherly devotion!

1974 Cadillac DeVille Lowrider

As one might expect, this Cadillac has been lowered specifically for Snoop and repainted an, um, unique shade of green. Can’t think why. The work was done by Big Slice, and they’ve worked together on many other vehicles. As for the lowering… Perhaps that’s what he meant by ‘drop it like it’s hot’!

Chrysler 300C

As a former spokesperson for Chrysler, it’s no surprise that Snoop Dogg has modified white Chrysler. This car has been lowered and fitted with chrome rims, blacked out windows and tail lights and had ‘DUB’ inscribed on it. The collaboration was successful for both Snoop and Chrysler, and apparently boosted the manufacturer’s image and sales.


Ferrari 458

Snoop’s Ferrari 458 Italia is a supercar only manufactured between 2009 and 2015, which makes it pretty rare and a treasured part of any car collection. This version has a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox and lots of other fancy features to make sure it’s as fast as it is powerful. 



Miley Cyrus might be working from dawn to dusk so she can keep buying cars from Elon Musk, but Snoop’s right next to her, putting in the hours. The Tesla Model X is highly regarded and Snoop has chosen the top-spec P100D variant to join his garage. It’s a six seater all-wheel drive so it’s perfect for taking a group of people off the beaten track, which metaphorically is what Mr Dogg has been doing for his whole life. 


Snoop's Other Vehicles


Another customised car belonging to Mr Dogg is the 2011 Ford Mustang GT. It’s a pretty popular model, so to elevate himself Snoop’s added special tail lamps and a tuned engine. Because clearly, Snoop doesn’t have enough music in his life. This car was altered by DJ and music producer Funkmaster Flex. 


Much like fellow rapper 50 Cent, Snoop loves a Pontiac. Whilst he might not own as many Pontiacs as Cadillacs, he’s still got a pretty sweet Pontiac Parisienne hardtop and a convertible. The convertible is a rather neon yellow, just to make sure that whatever Snoop’s driving still stands out.

School bus

I was surprised, too! Apparently Snoop bought an old-skool school bus back in 2004 when he was coaching a football team. This was actually a really good idea, because it meant that the players always had a way to get to and from matches. Of course, Snoop customised the vehicle and apparently it now has 27 screens and 77 speakers. And I thought my school bus got noisy! However, does this now mean that Logan Paul copied Snoop? Let us know in the comments section below...


Snoop has been walking with the swagger of a pimp for probably his whole life. It’s good to know that now he can back it up with a car collection that’d turn anyone to his favourite shade of green and still surprise us with the variety of vehicles in the garage. I guess now when you see someone in a nice car you should say they’re driving Doggystyle, and there’s no way anyone will misunderstand what you’re talking about. 

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