Top 7 Things I’ve Learnt From Carmoola

Hey, I’m Dan, Head of Performance Marketing at Carmoola. My key responsibilities include running all our paid digital channels (Meta, TikTok etc), and wearing jazzy shirts. I’ve been at Carmoola for 5 weeks now so to celebrate I’ll share a few things that I have learnt since joining here:

1. Fewer Meetings = Getting Shit Done 👀

Today is Wednesday. I had one standup this morning, and that is it. You don’t have to fill your time with fluff and process for process' sake - our big weekly trading meeting maxes out at 30 minutes. If your current calendar is full of meetings where you’re needed for a few minutes but you’re sitting there for an hour, get rid of them and discuss asynchronously on Slack instead. My teammate, Isabella, recently spoke out on this how being in the office increases productivity with more time compared to remote workers, and I have to agree.

2. Work-life Impacts Home life 🏡

Since joining Carmoola I’ve felt more energised at work than I have in years. That’s had a nice positive spillover on my personal life too! If anyone is in a similar boat and needs a change but is scared to take the plunge - do it.

3. DMs Are Overrated

Carmoola has a policy to keep all communication in open Slack channels. Not going to lie - this was an adjustment. I found it unnatural at first and wanted to hide in the privacy of DMs. But now I love it - the transparency is genuinely impactful and helps foster better collaboration. Probably a big reason why we can get away with fewer meetings!

4. Password Management Tools Rock 👍

Have you ever started a new job and your first few days are just getting access to all the tools you need? At Carmoola we use 1Password so this onboarding stage was super smooth. Definitely is something I’m going to keep using.

5. Trust Your Team To Spend Smart 🤓

It’s been super refreshing to see this trust in action at Carmoola. You shouldn’t micromanage people over little expenses that will boost their output. If they can be trusted with a six-figure monthly paid marketing budget, they can surely be trusted with a three-figure spend! 

6. Feed The Office Dogs 🐕

My first experience with Alfie and Archie was like stepping into a thunderstorm... slightly off-putting just before your final stage interview! But all it took was one handful of treats and well-placed head scratches and they’re now my best friends. Don’t judge a book by its bark, or however the expression goes.

black and brown sausage dog

7. Car Finance Is Broken 💔

I knew before joining Carmoola that the industry was mostly stuck in the stone age and was ripe for disruption - but I didn’t quite comprehend the scale of the opportunity. It’s been really rewarding to see the amazing feedback from customers (automated into Slack!) and the positive impact we’re able to make on people. I’m pumped to be part of driving change in this industry. 

That's all from me folks. You'll find me where the Carmoola ads are. I'm open to feedback on our latest car finance 'iPhone notes' ad.