What Cars Were Driven In Succession?

If you're a fan of the gripping HBO drama Succession, you'll know it's not just about the intense family power struggles. It's also a showcase of the finer things in life, with luxury dripping from every frame. And what's a sign of opulence without a fleet of swanky cars? Let's take a look at the cars driven by the Roys and the rest of the Succession characters.

From Sedans to SUVs: A Broad Range

Red Maybach in the showroom

A striking array of vehicles have been paraded throughout Succession, reflecting not just the extravagant lifestyle of the ultra-rich but also the diverse personalities of the characters themselves. 

From the sleek and luxurious Maybach, a favourite among the corporate hotshots for its blend of style and performance, to the majesticLincoln Navigator, often chosen by the Roys for its imposing presence and comfort, the range of vehicles is as broad as the characters themselves.

Whether it's Logan Roy's preference for the commanding presence of a luxury SUV or Shiv's leaning towards stylish yet powerful sedans, the characters' vehicles add depth and complexity to their on-screen personas. So, the next time you're engrossed in an episode of Succession, take a moment to appreciate the cars – they tell a fascinating story of their own.

Luxurious Limousines and Stately Sedans

Blue Bentley Bentayga

The Roys aren't averse to a bit of old-school luxury, as evidenced by their choice of sedans and limousines. They've been seen cruising in a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, 2017 Audi A8 D5 and even a 2023 BMW i7​1​. 

These cars speak volumes about the family's wealth and their preference for the best of the best. Although, you'll rarely ever see them behind the wheel of one of these vehicles. You see, the Roys are about being driven more than driving. Whenever you see them in a set of wheels during the show, you'll almost always see someone drive them around. 

Commanding SUVs

Range Rover parked outside

The characters in Succession aren't just about sedans. They also know the appeal of a commanding SUV because there probably isn't a better way to say you have money, power and respect than owning a big, brash vehicle that costs an arm and a leg. 

Among the SUVs seen in the series, we've got the likes of a 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 d and 2022 Lincoln Navigator​​. And let's not forget the Range Rover, the more civilised version of the Land Rover. The Roys being civilised? Well, that's a turn-up for the books. 

It's Electric

Lucid Air driving along the road

The Roys driving an electric vehicle, you say? Have they suddenly become environmentally friendly and decided to do their bit for emissions? Probably not. Seen driving the Lucid Air, it's the latest must-have electric vehicle, a chic retort to Tesla's passé Model S and coveted by all tech aficionados worth their salt. 

This car's allure lies in its performance and range, with the Dream Edition P boasting an impressive 1,111bhp and a 471-mile range, all for a cool $169k. The R variant, while slightly less powerful at 933bhp, promises an increased range of 520 miles.

You'll spot the car making a grand appearance in the inaugural episode of season four; the Lucid Air silently yet potently marks its presence during a brainstorming session between Shiv, Kendal and Roman for their ill-fated media start-up venture. 

That's a Wrap

It's clear that the cars in Succession aren't just props – they're an extension of the characters and a reflection of the world they inhabit. Whether it's a sleek sedan or a robust SUV, the vehicles driven by the characters add another layer to the show's rich narrative.

So, next time you're tuning into Succession, keep an eye out for the cars. You'll find that they're a fascinating part of the drama! And if you're after one of the cars in the show, or maybe something a bit more lowkey, check out Carmoola. We offer car finance in a flash, so get started and see how much you can potentially borrow with your calculator