What You Should and Shouldn't Do at Your First Car Meet-Up

Car meets are becoming increasingly popular in locations all over the UK, as motorists gather to show off their vehicles. Traditionally, they've been a place to display your classic motor but have since become events to embrace all types of cars. Whether you're intrigued by car meet-ups or have booked your first one, we've put together a list of dos and don't so you can impress in style. 

Do make sure you show up early

Don't be late if you want to make a good first impression. Plus, the earlier you arrive, the easier it is to secure your spot as they can fill up fast. Showing up early also means you'll be one of the first to see all the vehicles as they come in – it's a great chance for some car spotting.

But don't get too cocky

You might have secured an early spot and are eager to get into it with all things cars, but don't get cocky about your vehicle. Many car meets can turn sour when owners get too protective over their own motor, or they are eager to see who's car is better when it comes to rev-offs and other car-related activities. It's best to avoid these situations altogether so you don't draw unwanted attention to yourself. 

Do use it as an opportunity to make new friends

Car meet-ups offer you the chance to embrace a new community and find like-minded people who share the same interests. Some car meet-ups are for classic cars; others are about showing your little speedster machine. Whatever the reason for the meet, you're all there with the same common interest. So use the opportunity to get to know other attendees and enjoy the occasion. 

But don't try and race people

Enjoying the occasion doesn't mean racing other drivers, though. Sometimes, attendees can get a bit too eager, especially at meet-ups for faster cars. Car racing is illegal unless it takes place on a track with licensed racers. It's best you don't get any clever ideas about taking people on to see who's car is the fastest. 

Do take loads of pictures

Your first meet up is an exciting one, and there's nothing wrong with capturing the moment. Take pictures of the cars, especially for ones that aren't yours. You might feel self-conscious about snapping away at other people's motors, but you shouldn't. That's how these things work – everyone is there because they're passionate about cars. And while you're capturing shots of people's vehicles, they are most likely doing the same to your car. 

But don't invade people's privacy

It's one thing to take a few snaps of cars but think twice before streaming live videos to social media with other people featuring in your clip. Ask if they are happy to be included in videos going live on the net before pressing the record button. There's an expectation that attendees will take pictures and videos, but car meet-ups are also community-led events where like-minded people gather together. Not everyone there is thinking about going viral. 

Do start discussions about cars

Be sociable and immerse yourself in all things cars. Talk to people, ask about their vehicles and start conversations. You're there to have fun, and one of the best aspects of these meet-ups is the opportunity to converse with other car enthusiasts. Don't be afraid to chinwag and be inquisitive about the other cars on show. 

But don't get into arguments over vehicles

While striking up conversations about cars is great, arguing with people over who's vehicles perform better is a big no-no. Even though everyone is there to have a good time, it's easy to get, let's say, a little too passionate about your car. That could easily lead to arguments about whose motor is better. If you find yourself getting into an argument, just walk away and go and look at one of the other flashy cars. 

Do's and don'ts of car meet-ups

Car meet-ups are a great way to engage in the local community and interact with people who are equally as passionate about motors as you. Using our dos and don'ts if it's your first time at a car meet-up can set you up for a great experience where you make new friends, take loads of pictures and leave excited about the next meet-up.