Amelie Pollak

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Amelie has been writing for four years. She started to write content for Carmoola at the beginning of 2022. Amelie's content focus is primarily on tips for comparing costs and how to make the most out of your loan plan. Amelie is motivated by providing readers with a variety of car loan queries and tips that will help them to finance the car of their dreams.

Amelie Pollak

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Does Paypal Credit Affect My Credit Score?

When it comes to managing your finances, it's important to understand how different credit options impact your credit score 📈

PayPal Credit is a...

Can You Plug an Electric Car Into a Regular Outlet?

Electric cars are fast gaining in popularity, but many drivers still have plenty of questions when it comes to charging them.⛽ Today, we’ll be...

Can I Extend My Car Finance Repayment Term?

The terms of car finance agreements are set out at the start of your contract, helping you understand how much you’ll pay and how long you’ll pay it...

Does Paying Defaults Improve My Credit Score?

How Will Defaults Affect My Credit Score?

When money gets tight, keeping up with your monthly payments can quickly become a juggling act. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a ball drops.


Does Using Clearpay Improve My Credit Score?

Does Clearpay Impact Your Credit Score?

As the cost-of-living tightens its grip across the UK, savvy shoppers are turning to services like Clearpay to ease the squeeze.

These Buy Now, Pay...

Can I Appeal a Car Finance Decision

Can I Appeal a Car Finance Decision?

Your eyes have been set on that amazing new car you’ve been wanting for a while. You’re only a few steps away from getting it and… Boom, your car...

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Can I Buy A Used Car For Under £200 Per Month?

Do you want to buy your next car but worried about your budget? Not ready for an overwhelming spend to add to your ever-growing monthly outgoings?...

Can I Get Car Finance Without a Credit Check?

If your credit score has seen better days, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get car finance without a credit check.

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