Amy McKechnie

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Amy is one of the Co-founders and the Director of Product and Operations at Carmoola. Amy is driven to educate readers on the tips and tricks of all things car finance. Amy writes articles to empower consumers to get their dream car and get on the road quicker.

Amy McKechnie

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What to do if your car on finance is broken beyond repair

Experiencing an engine failure while still repaying car finance can be a daunting scenario.In this blog, we’ll explore your rights under the Consumer...

How Much Car Finance Can I Afford?

Car finance is a godsend for those who can’t afford to pay for a new vehicle outright. However, like your budget, finance also has its limits.

Can I Get Car Finance Through A Private Sale?

Can I Get Car Finance For A Private Sale?

Buying a car privately can snag you a great deal, but it also comes with its risks and limitations.

For example, when buying a vehicle directly from...

How Do I Know If I Can Get Car Finance?

So you're considering getting car finance for your next car, but are you even eligible? Is it worth going through the application process, only to...

Will I Need Insurance With My Car Finance?

Will I Need Insurance With My Car Finance?

Car finance and insurance aren't two things you might necessarily group together. Of course, you need insurance to drive your car, but is it...

Carmoola raises £103.5 million to transform how you pay for a car

Carmoola Raises £103.5 Million to Transform How You Pay For a Car

LONDON, Feb. 22, 2023 – UK car finance fintech Carmoola [] has raised a £8.5 million Series A round and £95 million debt facility...

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Molly Mae Buys Her First Car And We're Super Excited

You might remember a little post we did a few weeks back, looking at what star Molly Mae was paying for her car. The only problem was that she was...

Everything you need to know about taking your car abroad

Road trips around the UK are great, but why not ramp things up a notch and head to another country for your next driving adventure? 😃 No, we’re not...

Under the Hood with Carmoola Co-Founder... Roman

Well hello there, and welcome to the next piece in the "Under the Hood" series. In these posts, we're talking with the team behind Carmoola, and...

Love Island Stars and Their Cars

Hands up if you're a fan of Love Island. Oh, look at that – hands up everywhere. Who doesn't love a show where ridiculously good-looking people are...

What is Molly-Mae Paying for Her Car?

Being on Love Island is a great opportunity to gain fame, show off your body after months of eating only 500 calories a day and splash the cash you...

Is There A Car Finance Ombudsman?

Car finance agreements can sometimes get into disputes, leading to complaints. This is where the Financial Ombudsman Service comes in.

If you...

Is It Best To Get Finance Or Pay Cash For My Car Purchase?

Saving up to buy a car can seem like it takes forever. 😚 But if you find yourself in a position where you have savings in place, buying a vehicle...

How Does Guarantor Car Finance Work?

If you’re struggling to get the car finance you need to get behind the wheel, a guarantor may be able to help.

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