Our Favourite Car Influencers on YouTube

These days it’s all about the influence, whether you’re interested in clothes, make-up, technology or cars. And if it’s not on YouTube, is it even important? In the world of automobiles, influence reigns supreme and provides us with top-notch advice about every vehicle, from regular cars to luxury motors. But who are the best influencers to watch in the UK? We’ve put together a list of our favourite car influencers on YouTube. All you need to do is press play. 

Matt Watson, carwow

We’re not sure if it’s the Brummie accent or friendly demeanour, but Matt Watson is easily one of the best influencers on Youtube when it comes to cars. Recording for Carwow’s channel, Matt brings us the lowdown on just about every car going. His in-depth reviews are super helpful, and they cover everything from how the car drives to whether or not you can fit a litre bottle of water in the side compartment. It's the need to know stuff, for sure. 

Jeremy Clarkson, The Grand Tour

Whether you love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson is the de facto voice on all things cars in the UK. His reviews garner millions of views, and he’s been in the car game forever. The former Top Gear host is currently plying his trade on Amazon’s The Grand Tour these days, filming all sorts of car-related content plus the very helpful car reviews. 


TGE TV has you covered for all things luxury cars, with its hosts getting behind the wheels of some of the best vehicles in the business. They do things like take a Mclaren P1 through a Starbucks drive-thru. Plus, there are some other bits and bobs on there, including content about watches. But we’re only really watching for the cars. 


Yianni brings you a whole host of car-related content with his YouTube channel, Yiannimize. There are even collaborations with favourite Matt Watson, which sees the two influencers drag racing supercars (and a Tesla). There’s also advice on things like whether you should buy, finance or lease your car

Auto Social UK

An up-and-coming YouTube channel, Auto Social UK is one of the few female-led car channels, and we’re all here for it. It’s full of new car reviews, with vehicles like the BMW M4 and Suzuki Swift Sport just some of the cars reviewed. There’s also a comparison between electric cars and petrol, just in case you’re unsure about which type to go for. 

Lord Aleem

Lord Aleem is all about the luxury life, and his YouTube channel has everything from supercars to yachts. Videos include the unveiling of a £3m Bugatti Chiron, plus a 6x6 monster Mercedes G-Wagon. Basically, Lord Aleem is living life, and his YouTube vids are pure indulgence for all things luxury. 

Seb Delanney

It’s hard being an influencer if you’re talking about Renaults and Citroens. That's why most YouTubers get their views by showing off luxury cars, and Seb Delanney is no different. His channel has 400,000-plus subscribers regular watch videos showing cars like the Bentley Continental and Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in action. 

All the influence 

Watch any of these influencers and be prepared to get excited about cars. From silly stunts with luxury cars to in-depth reviews revealing everything you need to know, these YouTube car influencers are about that #carlife and just so happen to be a very entertaining watch. 

And if you fancy watching some more awesome car content, check out our very own YouTube channel for lots of fun car videos.