Social Media Influencers and Their Cars

Social media influencers are the real celebrities these days, racking up millions of views and engagement metrics on their platforms. So much so that companies are willing to pay a fortune to get them talking about their brand, even if it's only a short post or video lasting no more than a few seconds. What are these influencers doing with their new-found riches? Buying snazzy cars, of course. Which cars, you ask? Read on to find out all about social media influencers are their cars.

Cars Owned By Top YouTubers

YouTube is the world's single-most popular video-sharing website. It has been the catalyst for many aspiring social media stars, who have achieved life-changing fame and fortune virtually overnight. With new riches comes more financial freedom; some of YouTube's biggest stars haven't held back on splashing the cash on a shiny new motor. Entertainers like PewDiePie have a Porsche 911 as well as a Nissan Micra and Volvo. Fair play for keeping it humble on the last two.

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Our Favourite Car Influencers on YouTube

It's not only about the cars YouTubers drive but also about the influencers making waves by talking about cars. If you're after the latest info, from how to buy a car on finance to the best cars to drive, check out the likes of Matt Watson from Carwow fame, TGE TV, Yiannimize with his car-related content and, of course, everyone's favourite grumpy Brit Jeremy Clarkson. Oh, and don't forget to check our car content on YouTube while you're at it. 

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What Car Does KSI Drive?

KSI, otherwise known as Olajide Olatunji, is a popular YouTuber from the UK. He's best known for his gaming videos, but he's also got a pretty impressive car collection and isn't shy about spending a pretty penny on a new whip. His vehicles range from a Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls-Royce Wraith to a Porsche Cayenne and Porsche 718 Boxer. Those are some seriously impressive vehicles if you ask us. What will he buy next?

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Who has the best car collection Logan Paul or Jake Paul?

Love or hate them, Logan and Jake Paul are two brothers who essentially have their own corner of the internet. Together, they have more than 40 million subscribers on YouTube alone, despite some of their content referred to as, let's say, controversial. They're often competing on some level, and it's no different when it comes to their car collection. But who has the best set of wheels? Is it Logan with his Mercedes Benz G550 4X4 and Polaris Slingshot or Jake and his Dodge RAM and Lamborghini Huracán?

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Hot TikTok Influencers And Their Cars

Who needs YouTube when you've got TikTok, the de facto social media platform for Generation Z. Influencers on TikTok have enjoyed unprecedented success and seen their bank balances grow while entertaining hundreds and millions of viewers daily. When it comes to the cars of TikTok starts, the likes of Charli D'Amelio own a Tesla Model Y, while Sameeksha Sud has an ice-white Lambo, and Brent Rivera enjoys cruising around in his Audi R8.

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