The Best Classic Cars Shows in the UK

Many car lovers look forward to the best car shows in the UK. With these car shows, you get to see so many beautiful cars that are just breathtaking. The best thing about car shows in the UK is that there’s one for every type of car lover. If you like classic cars, sports cars, custom cars. there’s definitely one that you can enjoy!

Beaulieu Custom and Hot Rod Festival

For fans of custom cars and even motorcycles, this festival in Beaulieu, Hampshire is something to experience. Over 500 cars and custom motorbikes are waiting for you! This festival is an awesome chance for you to see rare cars that are truly one of a kind. You may even find the one you’ve been looking for. You’ll enjoy live music as well as other entertaining events. You can bring your family along and have a grand time together. 

Motorsport at the Palace

If you’re in or near London, you might want to check out Motorsport at the Palace which is held at Crystal Palace Park. What’s great about participating in this motoring event is that you get to help local charities when you purchase tickets. Motorsport at the Palace has raised more than £13,500 for charities already.

This event is also more than just another car show because it has something that everyone in the family can enjoy such as rides for the kids. It will be a fun time for the family so be sure to bring them along! Look at all the stunning cars and watch them show off their power on the track. 


If you’re looking for a free-to-visit car show in particular, then you just have to go to Canary Wharf, London and attend Motorexpo. Motorexpo is held in New York and Toronto as well in case you’re located in those cities. This motoring event is among the largest in the world. Feast your eyes on the latest cars from a huge number of car manufacturers. Expect Porsche, Jaguar, and Aston Martin cars to be present!

National Kit and Performance Car Show

For owners of kit cars, you may want to visit Derbyshire and attend the National Kit and Performance Car Show in Donington Park, Castle Donington. Kit car owners get free access to this car show and your passengers can enjoy a discount. Even if you don’t drive a kit car but just want to be entertained by beautiful cars on the track or see exhibitions from the best kit car manufacturers, then this is an exciting event for you.

Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show

Let’s not forget this car show for classic cars! The Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show is held at The Bath and West Showground, Somerset. There are indoor displays and even more cars for you to see on the show ground. About a thousand classic cars are featured in this car show, so you’ll surely enjoy your time while you’re there. You’ll get to see a wide variety of classic cars, from affordable restoration projects to mint-condition cars that would blow your mind. 

Key Points to Remember for Car Show Attendees

Keep Your Kids Supervised

Many UK car shows actually encourage attendees to bring their families along. However, try to make sure that you don’t lose sight of your young children. Also, keep in mind that there are expensive displays during this event, and you would want to avoid any costly accidents. 

It might be wise to set a few rules that your kids can remember such as not to touch the cars. Car owners spent a great deal of time and money making their vehicle’s paintwork perfect. They’ll appreciate it if your kids behave well around the cars. 

Don’t be Tempted to Touch the Cars Yourself!

All those beautiful cars gleaming pulls you in like a moth to the flame. It’s easy to get carried away whenever you see a breathtaking car and you might touch it without even noticing. You really have to remember to not touch those beauties even if your hand seem to have developed a mind of its own. Put yourself in the shoes of the car owners who’ve prepped their cars to perfection. Don’t ruin it by leaving fingerprints on them. 

Be Careful if You Have Food and Drinks

In UK car shows, you can expect a lot of food and drinks from pop-up bars and food stalls. Looking at all those cars all day can make you hungry or thirsty so of course, you’d go get yourself some snacks and refreshments. 

However, while you’re eating, try to stay in one place and take a break from viewing the cars for a while. This is to prevent you from accidentally spilling your food or drinks on a pristine vehicle. Anyway, as soon as you’re done eating, you can go back to looking at all those enchanting cars. 


A few more tips before you attend a car show in the UK. Bring with you a bottle of sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect your eyes and skin from the sun during summer. Of course, bring along your cash or card with you so that you can buy memorabilia, food, drinks, and other things that might be for sale at the event.

It’s exciting to attend a UK car show. Apart from seeing custom cars, classic cars, or sports cars, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who share your passion. It’s going to be a day of animated discussions about cars, great food, and even live music and entertainment. Have fun! 😄

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