First to Last: The Exciting Ride of the Carmoola's Team Cars!

Everyone remembers their first time, and similarly, everyone remembers their first car. So I thought it was only necessary to indulge into the history of my team mates and spark up the conversation: "What was your first car?" This question undoubtedly brought about some smiles so naturally I had to share it 😉 

Okay lets start things off with everyone's absolute favourite person...

Isabella (aka me) Audi A1 💅🏻 

I am totally kidding, I am not everyone's favourite, but nonetheless I'll  start off the convo. My first car was my 18th birthday present, her name is Talula 😍  She is super dear to me and 5 years later she's still my one and only! The only snag however is that she's all the way in South Africa, so at the moment my 'one and only' is the Victoria Line.


Lucinda - Renault Clio  / Jaguar F-Pace 🚘

Lucinda's first car was a Renault Clio that was called Poona, she bought Poona from her neighbour for £500. For starters the name Poona is just 🔥 Also £500 compared to what a brand new one goes for now starting from £19K is a total steal, nice one Lucinda 😎  She now currently has a Jaguar F-Pace, safe to say she's had quite the upgrade! 


Kasperi - VW Polo 

Kas' first car was an absolute classic choice; a VW Polo. It was unnamed, and black "like his heart" (straight from the horses mouth...🐴)  Kas swapped from 4 wheels down to 2 wheels. He was living the dream, cycling to work with the fresh, crisp London air blowing through his hair. But fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, after a long weekend, Kas returned to find what was left of his bike in the picture below. Now Kas doesn't have his VW or his bike 🥲 down to 0 wheels for a while!


Markiyan - Skoda Octavia / Skoda Superb

Markiyan is one of our very talented engineering leads here at Carmoola. His first car was the Skoda Octavia and he made the big jump to his new car, the Skoda Superb 😎 Markiyan says his loyalty to Skoda stems from "the simplicity of Skoda and the fact that both cars are super practical. Also both of them have really huge trunk allowing to fit in all my and my friends stuff for active traveling" 🌳 


Danny - Vauxhall Corsa / Porsche 911 GTS

Danny is our finance director at Carmoola. His first car was a Vauxhall Corsa. When I asked him if he named his car, he said no because he had a boring car and was also boring himself. Danny's big jump to a Porsche was something he wanted to tick off his bucket list or an "itch he needed to scratch". Although he enjoyed driving this beauty around, he has recently retired it. Now, if he were to spend the money he would like to buy a Range Rover instead 👴🏻


Aidan - Renault Clio / Mercedes C Class Convertible C43

Aidan is Carmoola's CEO, the heart and soul behind Carmoola. Aidan's first car was a Renault Clio Williams. Aidan's most recent car, the Mercedes C Class Convertible C43 was bought on finance with Carmoola! Aidan needed to test out Carmoola's process, and what better way than financing your very own car? Aidan named his car Mila from the help of the car name generator that is incorporated into the Carmoola App. It's safe to say that Aidans experience was enjoyable and he's a happy customer 😉 Whoo Aidan!


Tom - Renault Clio / VW Polo 

Tom works in customer operations at Carmoola. Tom's first car was a Renault Clio. A fun experience he had with his first car is that on one of the first few days of having it, he went to a shopping centre and lost his parking ticket. With the help of his friend who went out first, Tom sped behind him and made it through the barrier before it closed. So if you're looking for a fast car - a Renault Clio might be for you 😉 Tom's current car is a VW Polo named Marco. That name is super funny, unfortunately Tom can't take the credit for that one... but his girlfriend most certainly can!


Not all of the team featured in this article and I think it's only necessary to do a part two later down the line, so watch this space 😉  One of the best things about working in a small team is having conversations like one like this, the conversation sparks up laughs and you get a feeling like you know them even better.

If you've made it this far, we'd love to hear your memories of your first car too! Pop it in the comments below or share on LinkedIn if that's how you found the post!

Thank you for reading and get ready for part two 🤩