England Captain Harry Kane’s Car Collection

Where to start with Harry Kane? Let me see… he’s now Harry Kane MBE; he’s the captain of the English Football team; he’s the second highest goalscorer for Tottenham Hotspur of all time; he’s the third highest goalscorer in the Premier League of all time; he’s played for Leicester City, Norwich City and Millwall; he won PFA player of the year in the 2014-15 season; he recently founded the Harry Kane Foundation to promote good mental health; and he’s got an absolutely stunning car collection! Oh, and he has two adorable daughters and two dogs. 🐕

When we check the garage, it seems like we’ll find some pretty roomy vehicles to accommodate all his accolades and loved ones. So let’s peer inside and see what’s going on!

Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar cats are fast, sleek and powerful. Jaguar cars are fast, sleek and powerful. Harry Kane is… well, it would be weird to call him “sleek”, but he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Just because he’s a lion doesn’t mean he doesn’t like other cats! (please note: this doesn’t apply to your personal moggy). Kane’s Jaguar F Pace is actually his cheapest ride, costing (just!) $60,000. The, ahem, budget option still doesn’t compromise on performance or luxury, and it has a 296 turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and can do 0-60 mph in less than seven seconds, and lots of amenities in case Kane gets stuck in traffic. It’s also spacious inside, which is pretty useful when you’re over 6ft tall and might have to share your ride with two dogs, two kids and a wife. Oh, and probably a spare pair of shin pads. Kane even spoke about the car in an interview, saying “I pretty much love that Jag. It’s not too big, not too small, it fits our little daughter and the dogs”. Ok, Goldilocks! Kane went on to add “It’s a family car with a sporty edge. It’s not like you’re embarrassed to drive it as a dad. You’re happy to drive it. It looks nice and it’s not too expensive. It’s been great for me so far”. Well, that’s a pretty solid endorsement! For Kane-approved vehicles, go to Jaguar.

harry kane jaguar f-type

Bentley Continental GT

Footballers looooove their Bentleys. They’re not quite as common as Audis, but perhaps a tier above: better cars, worth more money, attract a better player. Therefore it’s hardly surprising to find a Bentley Continental GT parked outside of Kane’s house. Described by car enthusiasts as “one of the most beautiful cars ever made”, it has a “beautiful curvier design and a persona of prestige”. I think this might be projecting a bit, but the car is nice and powerful. It gives 552 horsepower and has a V8 engine. Kane has said in interviews that he likes to support British industries and all of the cars he owns, including the Bentley Continental GT, do show off the best of what we have to offer. This is Kane’s most expensive car and apparently set him back $210,000.

Range Rover Vogue

The first rover! Look, it’s not as good as the Range Rover Sport (coming next), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still pretty great. The engine capacity is smaller - 3.0 litre, supercharged V6, and it has almost half the horsepower, only 296. It’s also slower, and can go from 0-60 in seven seconds. All of this is still impressive! As a more affordable option, priced at around $86,000, it’s probably great for muddy dogs and smelly kits, and it draws less attention than the other options. If Kane’s trying to have some quiet time without fans or the paps noticing him, the Range Rover Vogue is a great choice. This doesn’t mean that he has given up on luxury vehicles: Kane’s said in an interview that “down the line, maybe if I win a few trophies, I can treat myself to a Ferrari or a Lamborghini”. Which makes me wonder… how much more is it going to take? I’ve already listed his impressive achievements, but perhaps Kane is holding out for something better (a Ballon D'Or maybe). Perhaps a large football tournament starting later this year, possibly based in Qatar (for some reason)...? Either way, we’ll be watching out for the Range Rover Vogue until it mysteriously transforms into a Ferrari Spider.

Range Rover vogue

Range Rover Sport

There are a few iconic British vehicles, but I think the most popular and recognisable would be Land Rovers. They’re fun, powerful, all terrain and pretty good when it snows - for ten minutes, every five years. The Range Rover Sport is the best SUV produced by the manufacturer, their flagship model and one of the top 4x4s in the world. The V8 engine is incredibly powerful, with a 5 litre capacity, the ability to produce over 567 horsepower and accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds. Kane has two Range Rovers (we’ll get to the other one next) but this is the most expensive, costing $115,000 and the most powerful.


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