How Technology Is Changing How We Buy Second Hand Cars

How we buy cars has changed over the years. A trip to the dealership or a quick flick through the local classifieds was the primary way for drivers to get the keys to their new wheels in the pre-internet age. Then the World Wide Web came along, with sites like AutoTrader offering an array of vehicles in one handy place. More recently, people have been able to buy cars online and get them delivered to their front door. And, really, this is all to say that technology continues to improve the car-buying process. But what does the future hold? That’s what we’re here to find out with a look at how technology is changing how we buy second-hand cars. 

A sea of experts

Thanks to all the information available to car buyers, everyone is a pro online. Today, you can find out every little thing about a car, from how it performs to its little quirks. There are tons of car review videos online and loads of blogs featuring expert opinions. The information age is great for motorists, who can use the resources available to make more confident decisions about buying a car. Instead of heading to the dealership to find out about the car, buyers can go with confidence and know the answers to their questions in advance.

Home deliveries

Even though the internet and online shopping have been around for what seems like forever, buying a car online is still a relatively new concept. It’s only really since Covid that websites have started ramping up their home delivery service for vehicles. And as the technology improves, the online car-buying process will get better and give drivers more options for purchasing a car with just a few clicks. Therefore, you should expect buying a car entirely online to become even more popular in the coming months and years. 

The rise of mobile shopping

An increasing number of people use their mobile devices and tablets to search for cars online. Automakers, dealerships and portals have realised this, crafting a seamless mobile experience to respond to the growing demands. Now, it’s possible to research a car, book a test drive or buy it outright all on your mobile phone. Access has never been greater for consumers, and they now can do everything – including car purchases – from their pockets. 

Getting finance

The majority of cars are bought via car finance, whether it’s a loan, lease or subscription. Long gone are the days of applying to the bank and waiting weeks for a response or having to go to the dealership for finance. Customers can instead get instant access to funds, meaning they can finance the car of their choice. This is particularly popular for second-hand car buyers, who can buy their vehicles outright with a loan after getting approved upon application. Knowing how much you can borrow in advance offers more confidence when buying a car. As a result, you can look for a vehicle that meets the exact requirements of your budget, thanks to a process that’s often more straightforward than going through dealership financing. Carmoola has developed a streamlined, automated application process - you can check your eligibility and how much you can borrow - all on the app - in minutes! Then once approved you can pay on line or in the dealership with your virtual card! How cool is that?😎

Better communication

Whether you’re buying from a dealership or via a private seller, online tech allows for increased communication. Both buyers and sellers have tools at their disposal to make sure the other party is kept up to date with developments. Buyers can also get more informed answers thanks to improved AI and chatbots when contacting the dealership. Consequently, the sales assistant knows what the seller is after when they join the conversation.

Smarter car buying

It’s not just in the cars where technology is improving; the way people buy them is becoming a more transparent and seamless experience. Car buyers have never been so confident when shopping for a new motor, and it’s thanks to technology that you can enjoy a better, quicker process when purchasing your next second-hand car. 🚙