We Take a Look Into Novak Djokovic's Crazy Car Collection

Novak Djokovic is one of the world's best tennis players, and he also happens to have an impressive car collection, much like other sports legends like golfer Rory McIlroy. 😃 In fact, Djokovic's car collection is so impressive that it has grown to be as big as the amount of Grand Slam titles he has won!

Djokovic's car collection includes a number of high-end luxury cars, such as a Tesla Model X, Aston Martin DB9 & a Bentley GT Coupe along with others that we are going to be diving into in today's blog post.

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So, if you have got to this point in the blog post thinking, cool, but who actually is Novak Djokovic, it's OK, we are here to clear that up now...

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He has won numerous Grand Slam titles, including Wimbledon, the US Open & the Australian Open. He is known for his heated rivalries with tennis greats Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal and his 'robotic' tennis nature, very rarely making a mistake when he is switched on.

Now let's take a look at Novak Djokovic's car collection in a bit more detail.


Tesla Model X

The first car in Djokovic's collection is a Tesla Model X. The Tesla Model X is an all-electric SUV that was first released in 2015. The starting price for a Model X is around £60,000, but it can range up to £110,000 depending on the options and upgrades that are chosen.

Djokovic's Tesla Model X is the P90D version which is the performance version of the SUV. The P90D has a range of around 270 miles and can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

Which Tesla is Best (1)

Aston Martin DB9

The next car on our list is the Aston Martin DB9. The DB9 is a luxury grand tourer that was first released in 2004. It's powered by a 6.0L V12 engine and has a top speed of 190 mph.

The starting price for the DB9 is around £110,000, but like the Tesla Model X, it can range up to £150,000 depending on options and upgrades, which we have to assume the best tennis player in the world will splash out on.

Bentley GT Coupe

One of the more unique cars in Djokovic's collection is the Bentley GT Coupe. The GT Coupe is a luxury grand tourer that was first released in 2003. It's powered by a 6.0L W12 engine and has a top speed of 200 mph.

The starting price for the GT Coupe is around £140,000, but like the other cars on this list, it can range up to £250,000 depending on options and upgrades.


Peugeot E208 Sport

The penultimate car on our list is the Peugeot E208 Sport. The 5-door electric city car boasts a distinctive, sporty silhouette and appeals with clean, strong lines that emphasise its modern appearance. The e208 has a range of up to 275 miles, and get's to 80% charge within 30 minutes at select charging points.

It's not quite the same deal as the Barcelona boys got (free Audis), but we can see why Novak chose to partner up with Peugeot once he knew that this came along with the sponsorship 😂.


Bentley Continental GT

With a net worth of supposedly £120 million, Novak has also dipped his toe into the elite luxury vehicles. Including the Bentley Continental GT. With a starting price of just under £200,000, this car is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. It's powered by a 6.0L W12 engine and has a top speed of 207 mph. It truly is the ultimate grand touring car. This unique combination of power, craftsmanship, and stunning automotive design makes it fit for any champion.


Worthy mentions...

After his Wimbledon win, Novak decided to set sail...

His yacht reportedly cost about £2.1 million and hosts four cabins, a salon, a kitchen, a bathroom (with a shower and Jacuzzi) and a speedboat. Other amenities include several wide plasma screens, a BOSE sound system, and a mini-bar. The yacht is 19.6 meters long, with a speed of 32 knots per hour. The capacity of the petrol tank is 3,000 litres, while the fresh water tank capacity is about 700 litres.

All aboard!!


Because of his regimented nature on the court, we didn't expect Novak's of the court life to be this extravagant. From luxury yachts to one of the highest-end cars on the market at the moment, Djokovic really does know how to spend his money. And, if you're a Novak Djokovic fan and you're looking for car finance, we can help. We offer competitive rates and can tailor a package to suit your budget. Contact us to find out more. 👍