Robert Pattinson's Super Hot Car Collection

Robert Pattinson has been everyone’s favourite weirdo since we all stopped being so opinionated about Twilight. Thankfully, he had numerous films after the Twilight franchise to display his acting chops!

He’s always down to (allegedly) lie to the press and spread increasingly strange rumours about himself.

If you’re a fan of chaotic energy and find yourself bored at 3 am, you'll surely enjoy watching YouTube videos about Robert Pattinson. With all of this, it’s unsurprising to discover that he has a rather eccentric attitude towards his cars.

We might look into Robert Pattinson’s garage expecting it to look like the Bat Cave but might find it full of real bats before finding the Batmobile! 

BMW 325i

BMW 325i

There are some vehicles that are worth more because they were owned by famous people, and that’s certainly the case for Robert Pattinson.

The first entry on this list is the 1989 BMW 325i convertible. It's not quite the usual vintage car that comes to mind when we think of classic cars.

It’s valued at $21,000 and boasts, um, 121 horsepower, which is a lot if you imagine horses but not really a lot if you compare it to today's cars like a Tesla. 

But for a BMW model that's been around since the Berlin Wall fell and is somehow still operational, this car can be considered historical in a sense!

Chevrolet Nova

Chevrolet Nova

Next up in Robert Pattinson's car collection, we have an actual vintage car, the Chevrolet Nova from 1963.

This Chevy model has the look of a classic car, but the awkward angular design might remind you of James Bond’s less popular rides

It’s also a pretty short vehicle, so even Pattinson (at 6 feet) looks cramped in it. But if you're looking for a firmly odd ride, it’s perfect. And that does appear to be Pattinson’s criteria. 

Chevy GMT800

Chevrolet GMT800 Silverado

Finally, there’s the car, which has been blamed by one media outlet for Kristen Stewart’s infidelity.

I’m not sure many relationships end because of vehicles, and I don’t think this car could muster the enthusiasm for a dramatic fight.

It’s a Chevy GMT800 Silverado 1500 valued at $2500. For a man worth $100 million, this really is exceptionally modest.

A pattern we are starting to see here is the lack of flare in Robert's car collection, but that's what makes him all the more interesting, don't you think? 😂 

Start Driving Your Dream Car!

We love celebs and their fancy cars. But we can't help but find Robert Pattinson's taste in cars endearing as well! 

How about you? Are you a fan of an obscure car model no one talks about anymore? Celebrate it by driving your dream car!

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