Which Tesla is the Best Model for You?

You might say that Elon Musk is to cars what Steve Jobs was to phones. These days, everyone wants a Tesla, and with good reason.

Fully electric vehicles provide an insight into the future while looking sleek and stylish and driving like a dream in the present.

There isn't currently a massive range of models on the market, but we've listed the Tesla models available on the market, so you'll have an easier time choosing the best for you!

What is Tesla?

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Tesla is an electric vehicle (EV) maker based in Palo Alto, California.

It goes against many of the traditional aspects of car manufacturers and is owned by CEO and founder Elon Musk, who is somewhat of a celebrity.

While Tesla's primary focus is on electric cars, it's also committed to offering several other driving solutions, such as solar panels and power storage.

Of course, what you really want to know is if the cars drive well. We've got the answers below! 

Tesla Roadster Sport

Tesla Roadster 2008

Tesla's first-ever product, the Roadster Sport, was released in 2009 and racked up an impressive 60mph in just 3.7 seconds.

The sport model produced 288 hp at 600 fewer revs than the standard Roadster. It was Tesla's introduction to the market and is still considered the ultimate plug-and-play car by many.

The performance came with a high price, though, with this beauty retailing for 130,000 dollars in the United States. 

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S-2

The executive saloon offering from Tesla, the Model S is all about the style. It initially launched in 2012 and was the driving force behind Tesla going mainstream as a credible car manufacturer.

Today, the Model S has evolved to offer Long Range Plus and Plaid. The latest models all come in all-wheel drive (AWD), and the Long Range Plus option does a whopping 402 miles per charge.

The starting price for a Model S in the UK is around £80,000. 

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Launched in 2016, the Model 3 was billed as the affordable alternative to the Model S. It's a four-door sedan with three versions: Standard Range, Long Range and Performance.

You can expect to get about 263 miles per charge off the standard version, with it reaching 60 mph in a little over five seconds.

If you ask us, it looks a bit like a sports car at the front and a Toyota Prius at the rear, but we digress.

The Model 3 retails for around £40,000 brand new. 

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X-1

The first thing to notice about the Tesla Model X is that the doors open like the car in Back to the Future (the official term is Falcon Doors), so we're sold.

Often referred to as the "soccer mum's car" (a US-specific term if we have ever heard one), the Model X is an SUV-style car capable of seating seven people.

The huge touchscreen inside really does give it a futuristic feel, so you can tell your kids you brought this car back from the future (see what we did there?).

There are two models available, and the Model X retails for £90,000 brand new. 

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y


The Tesla Model Y is advertised as the car that fills the space between the Model 3 and the Model X, though we'd argue you could buy either one of those instead of opting for this version.

If Teslas were Apple products, this would be the iPod Nano. Still, you get plenty of space inside, with a compact SUV look on the outside.

The Model Y retails for around $53,000, which is about £39,000. The Performance model has a range of 326 from fully charged. 


Tesla Cybertruck

We don't know if the Cybertruck works as an actual truck, but we want it, and we want it now. Unveiled in November 2019, this is Tesla's version of a pick-up truck, but it looks more like something out of Blade Runner or pretty much any other sci-fi movie.

They really do love their trucks in the US, so we can see it being more popular on the other side of the pond than it will be in good ol' Blighty.

Still, with a 500-plus mile range in the Tri-Motor version and its unique angular design with a stainless steel body and armoured glass, the Cybertruck performs well and looks the business.

The Cybertruck is not yet available for UK car buyers.

The Electric Cars Around

There's no doubt that Tesla knows how to make a stylish car with exceptional performance and is renowned for its excellent range

Picking the best one on the market is really up to you. But we're going for the Model S as the perfect all-rounder. It looks great and offers an excellent drive, too.

And a little update for January 2023: the price of EVs is set to go down. This is predicted to be the case since Tesla decided to drop the price of its new models by anything up to 20%.

Great for those looking to buy either a new or used electric car, as it will have knock-on effects for used Teslas, but it's also felt that other manufacturers will have no option to follow suit.

So keep an eye on the market! 👀 🚘