What Are the Top 5 Used Car Websites in the UK

The internet has an abundance of choices when it comes to top used car websites in the UK. With one quick search, Google can give you thousands of results in a fraction of a second. But how do you choose the best website to buy used cars? Is it enough to rely on the first 10 websites that appear on page one of the results page? It can get really confusing fast, so we’ve gathered five trustworthy and reliable sites where you can shop for secondhand cars.  


Cazoo is one of the best used car websites in the UK already, even if it’s relatively new. With so many sites where you can shop for secondhand cars, what makes Cazoo stand out? The number one reason why many car buyers prefer Cazoo is that this website provides full service when you buy a used car from them. This works because Cazoo buys secondhand cars, performs all the necessary checks, including test drives, and when they’re sure about the condition and performance of the cars, only then do they sell them on their website. That's great to hear! 👍

So, what happens if you like a car and want to buy it? Everything is done online, and you simply have to follow the payment process in Cazoo. After your purchase, they will deliver the car to you within three days. You also have to option to collect the vehicle if it’s more convenient for you to visit their 17 UK branches. In case there’s a problem with the car, you actually have a 7-day money-back guarantee from Cazoo. You’ll also get complimentary 7-day driveway insurance and a minimum of 90 days warranty.  

Car Shop

If you weren’t able to find the most suitable car for your driving needs at Cazoo, you can head over to another option when it comes to one of the best used car websites in the UK, Car Shop. This company’s goal is to make your online car buying experience as simple as possible. Once you’ve selected a car you like, you may part-exchange your old car or choose among the financing options available from Car Shop. They will also deliver the car to your home if you can’t go to one of their 13 local UK branches. 

All of the cars for sale at Car Shop have gone through a thorough and meticulous inspection and testing process by their team of expert auto mechanics. You can be sure that the car you’ll buy is in top condition and safe to drive, and for added peace of mind, Car Shop also provides 3 months of warranty. They also provide extended warranties if you’re looking to get one. If you have to return the vehicle, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee from the company, which is twice what Cazoo offers its customers. 

Cars & Classics

For the best secondhand car website that sells classic cars, you have to visit Cars & Classics. If you love classic cars because of the feel, the experience, or because you love collecting them, you simply have to visit the Cars & Classics website to shop. The company proudly claims to be the largest buying site of classic cars, and this just might be true because of the many happy customers they have. 

Their website is simple, but it works. The layout is basic, and it’s so easy to navigate the site. The way that buying a used car works on Cars & Classics is that they have both fixed price as well as auction-style listings. You can use the search filters to make shopping a lot easier. Of course, don’t expect newer models on this site because it really specialises in classic cars.  


PistonHeads began as an online community where car enthusiasts could discuss anything and everything about cars. Recently, they have included an intuitive used car search. Buying a car at this site is perfect for buyers who are looking for specialist, performance-based vehicles and other cars that are simply unique. You can choose to buy from a car dealer or a private seller or use the search filters to make your shopping experience so much easier. 

Do note, however, that PistonHeads doesn’t offer an online payment facility. You might also find the formatting of the car descriptions annoying because it’s just one large block of text. But if you want to look for that special car, you can overlook these flaws because PistonHeads really have a lot to offer when it comes to unique cars. 


AutoTrader is easily one of the best car websites in the UK. It’s no surprise if it appears on top of the Google search results. They've been in business before car dealers went online through their printed publication. AutoTrader is preferred by many car buyers because of the wide array of filters you can use so you can narrow down your search. This feature allows you to save a lot of time looking for your next car. 

AutoTrader has another feature that buyers love, and that’s a price indicator. With the indicator, you’ll be able to compare the asking price of the seller against the valuation of AutoTrader. You’ll know if the price is high, fair, good, great, or low, so shopping for a used car while on a budget is easy and simple. Other information about the car includes insurance, HPI, running costs, and mileage. 


These are our top picks of the best used car websites in the UK. Some provide a seamless buying experience for those looking for new and secondhand cars alike, while others offer a specialised selection of cars. Have you visited their sites already? What do you think of the shopping experience they offer car buyers? If you haven’t yet, be sure to give it a go. You just might be able to find your dream car there! 

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