5 Facts About Electric Cars That Might Shock You!

Electric cars are zooming into the spotlight, becoming a more common sight on our roads every day.🚗 They're not just a futuristic concept anymore; they're here and now.

As they grow in popularity, there are some surprising facts about electric vehicles (EVs) that might just give you a jolt of excitement.🌩️

Let’s plug into some of these electrifying facts.🔌👇

1. There Are More EV Charging Points Than Petrol Stations

It might come as a surprise, but as of 2019, the number of EV charging points in the UK has surpassed the number of petrol stations. This data, reported by ZapMap, highlights the rapid growth in the EV infrastructure.

As more people switch to electric cars, the demand for charging points has soared, leading to a continuously expanding network. This growth means that owning an electric car is becoming more convenient every day.

With more charging stations popping up in cities, towns, and even rural areas, the ease of charging an EV is one of the many reasons drivers are making the switch.

It’s no longer a question of whether you can find a place to charge - but rather, how quickly you can do it.

2. Braking Adds a Few More Miles to Your Range

Electric cars come with a neat trick up their sleeve - regenerative braking. This technology means that every time you brake, a little bit of electricity is captured and sent back to the battery.

It's like getting a tiny recharge every time you slow down. This feature not only conserves energy but can also add a few more miles to your car’s range.

It makes driving an EV even more efficient, especially in stop-and-go city traffic where you’re braking frequently.

Regenerative braking is a smart way that electric cars ensure you get the most out of every charge.

3. Electric Cars Are No Longer Silent

Gone are the days when electric cars glide silently down the road. Now, they come equipped with artificial sound systems to make them audible to pedestrians.

This change is all about safety. With the quiet nature of electric motors, it was sometimes hard for people to hear an EV approaching, particularly at low speeds.

It’s a thoughtful addition that balances the need for quieter vehicles with the safety of everyone on the road.

4. It’s Cheaper to Run an Electric Car

Running an electric car can be much kinder to your wallet compared to petrol or diesel models.

According to the UK government, in 2022, it cost just around 9p per mile to run a fully electric car. Compare that to the average of 24p per mile for petrol cars, and the savings are clear.

This cost efficiency is a huge plus for electric car owners. Not only do you save on fuel, but EVs typically have fewer moving parts than traditional cars, which often translates to lower maintenance costs.

All these factors make electric cars an economically smart choice for drivers.

5. Just One in 10 Drivers Buy Their EV Outright

Electric vehicles are a hot trend, but not everyone is rushing to buy them outright. In fact, just 1 in 10 drivers purchase their EV without financing.

This statistic, released by the Finance and Leasing Association, shows that 90% of electric vehicles are bought with some form of car finance.

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FAQs About Electric Cars:

Is it still worth buying an electric car UK?

Buying an electric car in the UK is often worth it due to environmental benefits, lower running costs, and increasing government support.

What is the best type of electric car?

The best type of electric car depends on your needs. Consider factors like range, charging speed, budget, and size. Researching different models and brands is recommended.

What is the lifespan of an electric car UK?

The lifespan of an electric car in the UK typically ranges from 15 to 20 years. Battery life can vary, but most manufacturers offer warranties for several years.