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Aidan Rushby is a serial entrepreneur and is Carmoola’s CEO and Founder. Aidan is passionate about empowering consumers and is super excited to bring this to the world of car finance. Aidan writes about the latest news and announcements at Carmoola. He’s our go-to for reviewing car finance articles.

Aidan Rushby

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Cover image showing Matthew Dicks and Aidan Rushby

In Conversation With... Matthew Dicks

Every week, we have a company-wide call to celebrate our values. And, every so often, we invite a special guest to share their insights and career...

Driving Change: Telling Fintech Focus TV about Carmoola’s journey

Carmoola is on a journey to redefine car financing, driven by our shared vision to empower consumers with a transparent, fair, and efficient way to...

Picture of Nigel Morris and Aidan Rushby

In Conversation With... Nigel Morris

We were joined by a special guest at our latest company call - a weekly ritual where we shout out colleagues who have lived our values. Nigel Morris,...

Aidan Rushby, founder and CEO, Carmoola

The Used Car Finance Market Is Changing Rapidly

In a financial landscape where regulatory scrutiny is heightened and consumer trust is waning, the direct-to-consumer proposition offered by Carmoola...

Carmoola raises £15.5 million to help more people find and finance their dream cars

Carmoola Raises £15.5 Million to Help Even More People Find and Finance Their Dream Cars

LONDON, JANUARY 2024 - Carmoola, the UK-based fintech specialising in direct-to-consumer car finance, has announced a £15.5 million equity investment.

First-time driver at the wheel of a car

Top Tips for First Time Car Buyers

Are you looking to take the wheel and steer your way into car ownership? Here are our top tips for first-time buyers to help make your car-buying...

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The Brutal Truth About Our Company Values

In the words of Nas “Keep integrity at every cost.'' In short, values matter a lot in my humble opinion. Values are really the DNA of the culture you...

Can You Build a £1BN Car Finance Business with Less Than 100 People?

I have been thinking about this question a lot over the last year. When coming up with the idea for Carmoola, automation was high on the priority...

How Carmoola Was Born: A Note from our CEO

Let me set the scene - I'm taking you back to the summer of 2020... ☀️

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