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The Best Apps for Buying and Managing Your Car

There is an app for everything, and that includes cars too. From unlocking your car and checking where it's parked to buying a new one and getting finance, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to a nifty app to buy or manage a vehicle. So we've gone and compiled a list of the best apps for buying and managing a car. Read on to see which car apps are about to make your life easier. 

Apps for buying a car



The granddaddy of them all, AutoTrader lets you buy a car on your phone with a few clicks. With dealerships and private sellers on the app, you'll have plenty of options for finding a new car. Just make sure you know which costs to consider when buying a car. 



Ok, so you can't technically go through the whole process of buying a car at carwow, but you can compare prices. Therefore, it's super-handy for finding the best deal when you're on the lookout for a new set of wheels.



While Gumtree isn't a car-specific app, it does allow you to buy and sell cars privately. The online marketplace has a range of vehicles for sale all over the UK. As Gumtree mostly has private sellers, you should definitely make sure you know what to check for before you buy.


Download and use it to find your next car. There are new and second-hand cars to choose from, with more than 300,000 motors on the app. Whether you're buying from a big dealer, private seller or car supermarket, they're bound to be on 



Much like Gumtree, eBay is the place to go for a range of items. Cars just so happen to be included in those for-sale categories, but again, you should do your due diligence as eBay's car options are mostly from private sellers. 


  Carmoola app icon

Use Carmoola if you're looking to get finance on your next car. With our handy app, you apply in just a couple of minutes. If you're eligible, you can very easily spread the cost with simple, flexible monthly payments while you enjoy the car of your dreams. 

Managing your car



Manage just about everything there is to do with your car when you use Caura. You can pay for parking, tolls, tax and MOT all on your phone. Caura has also partnered with insurers like Aviva and Ageas so you can get cover too. 



If you're looking for an app that only focuses on insurance then download Cuvva. You can get insurance for temporary cover, pay monthly insurance and cover for learner drivers by easily creating an account on Cuvva's app.

  Petrol Prices

No one likes paying for fuel, but it's something we all have to do. Fortunately, apps like mean we can find the most affordable petrol stations near our location. The app is a great way to manage your finances by finding the best deals on fuel. 


  Carmoola app icon

Oh, look, it's us again. Carmoola lets you manage your monthly payments, so you can tweak them if you need to, depending on your financial situation. If you feel like paying a little more off your car one month, you can do that. Likewise, you can change your repayment date if there's a more convenient one. We're here to make your experience simple and streamlined.

CompareChecker Car Insurance


Find the best insurance deals available with CompareChecker Car Insurance, an app designed to make sure you never overpay for car insurance. It makes shopping around easy and places all the best deals in one handy place where you can easily see which option suits you. 

Getting around



Plenty of drivers use Waze as their go-to app for navigation for its route planning abilities and more. You can see real-time traffic conditions, speed cameras and accidents while you're driving around, making it easier to avoid tricky situations on the road. 



This one's pretty self-explanatory. We all love listening to the latest songs or a great podcast while driving, and Spotify allows you to do just that. Just switch that Bluetooth on and play the latest hits through your speakers with the Spotify app. 

Just Park


Finding somewhere to park is stressful, which is why Just Park was created. It takes away the hassle of finding a parking spot by allowing you to find and reserve a space before you arrive. No more driving around the block 10 times, hoping someone leaves their space. 

Smart Dash Cam

  Smart Dash Cam

A must-have app for many drivers, in-car video cameras record everything you see while driving. Smart Dash Cam is even admissible in court as evidence should you need to use the footage recorded. The app works by transferring your phone into a dashcam by accessing its camera. 

The best apps for buying and managing your car

The apps on our list make everything to do with driving that little bit easier. Buy your car, apply for finance if you need to and then get around with a few clicks here and there on the latest apps. Which ones will you be using, and are there any we've missed? Let us know… after you've parked, of course. 

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