The Best Podcasts About Cars To Listen To In The Car

Once upon a time, drivers were limited to audio options consisting of cassette tapes and basic radio stations. These days, however, there is a range of ways to fill your ears, including DABSpotify, Apple Music and, of course, podcasts.

In fact, more than 64% of motorists listen to a podcast while they’re behind the wheel. We’ve previously covered 10 of the best ones to listen to while you’re driving. This time, we’re looking at the best car-specific podcasts. From The Smoking Tire to CarStuff, find out who you should listen to talk about vehicles while you’re behind the wheel. 

The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire brings you a weekly show covering all things cars. It takes a general look at the industry while featuring behind-the-scenes experiences of the hosts, who travel the world testing cars. Not a bad job, eh? There are also different weekly guests from the automotive and entertainment industry, just to add another dynamic. 

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Car Chat

Sam Moores is a familiar face to many car lovers. The British photographer and YouTuber is also pretty nifty at making podcasts, where the topics include everything from performance vehicles to racing. Guests come in the form of everyone, from social media influencers to industry insiders. Popular episodes include podcasts about Gumball 3000 and the Supercars of London.  

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The word “hoon” means a reckless driver in Australia, and the hosts of this particular podcast focus on obscure content that you won’t find in other car podcasts – or anywhere else, for that matter of fact. There’s plenty of swearing here if you like an anything-goes approach to podcasting. But the hosts do know their stuff, and there’s a tonne of informative car talk to teach you a thing or two. 

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The Car Throttle Podcast

Since its inception in 2009, The Car Throttle Podcast has gone from strength to strength and now has its own YouTube channel with three million subscribers. The three-person team consisting of Alex Kersten, Ethan Smale and Jack Joy talks all things car-related, from reviews to modifying cars. There’s even a fan submission section where listeners share their car stories. The Car Throttle Podcast reminds us a lot of Top Gear at its peak.

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The Car Buying Podcast

Not all podcasts need to feature quirky anecdotes. Sometimes you just want good old-fashioned advice, and that’s just what The Car Buying Podcast does. As you can probably imagine, this podcast is all about car-buying tips. It’s ideal for anyone looking for inspiration when buying their next vehicle. 

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You don’t need to be a petrolhead to enjoy car podcasts. Nowhere is that more apparent than on CarStuff, which caters towards part-time and casual enthusiasts. It explores a variety of topics, effortlessly blending its love for all things motors and pop culture together. Episodes include shows about the weirdest race cars of all time, famous car collectors and even interesting tidbits about Bonnie and Clyde and their relationships with vehicles.

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Collecting Cars

Current Top Gear presenter Chris Harris presents Collecting Cars, a podcast about all things vehicles. He invites guests to talk about the world of cars, with a focus on racing. So if you’re an F1 fan, then you’ll love the content on Collecting Cars, which has interviews from some of the biggest stars in the sport. 

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Best car-specific podcasts

The next time you’re looking for some car content on your drive (or even when you’re relaxing at home), tune in to one of these excellent podcasts. From deep insights to funny takes, the podcasts on our list cover a bit of everything to give you your car fix.