Cars That Will Give You the Ick

Before we get into today’s blog post, we thought it would be best if we explained what an "giving you the ick" actually is. An "ick" is a slang term for an unpleasant or disgusting person or thing. The term is often used to refer to someone or something that is annoying, gross, or just plain weird. It can also be used to describe a situation that is uncomfortable or awkward. It became popular on TikTok in 2021, typically used by girls, when describing boys they have suddenly gone off sometimes because they would do 'cringey' things, give the girl "the ick"  and she would be completely put off and stop dating them! 😏

The fact that we have just typed that out could be an "ick" in its own way, but for those who don't know what an "ick" is, you should get to know, as these cars are great examples. So is your car on this list and now you need a new one? Well why not check out our car financing services using the ‘How it Works’ and Calculator tool? Your dream car could be just around the corner. So to avoid being an "ick", why not come to Carmoola for all of your car financing/refinancing needs. 👍

The Cars That Have Made It Onto Our List

So, as we sat down to write this, here are the 5 cars and their drivers that came to mind when we thought of "The Ick":

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Fiat Panda
  3. Mini Cooper (male driving)
  4. BMW's
  5. Smart Cars

Let us know your thought on "ick" cars using the comments section below, we feel like people might have a lot to say about this one! 😂

Red smart car and driver

Ford Fiesta

Does your partner drive a Ford Fiesta? Well a large proportion of  the cars Carmoola customers bought in 2022 were actually Ford Fiestas - they are definitely in high demand - so in a way we will be sad to see this iconic and affordable little run about gradually disappear from the roads, after Ford cease production later this year! However, we can't really put our finger on it, but we just think Ford Fiestas tend to be stereotyped as being cars for younger boys and men. Not only do they have a reputation for being a bit of a "boy racer" car, they also tend to be quite compact in size and not as spacious inside as other models. The team think that cars which seem a bit more luxurious tend to have a bit more interior space, (are therefore possibly more attractive to your desired partner) so a Fiesta doesn't always appeal to them. For us, it simply reminds us of old times when we got picked up by our 17 year old friend on the side of the road back in the day. 😂

Silver grey ford fiesta

Fiat Panda

Does anyone really like this car? 😵 People have a variety of reasons for not liking them as well. Many cite the car's low build quality and lack of reliability as major factors in why they don't like the car. Additionally, the Panda's lack of features and basic amenities also contribute to its unpopularity. People also complain about the car's weak engines, poor fuel efficiency, and lack of interior space. And maybe it just doesn't look sexy!! Furthermore, the Fiat Panda is known for its high cost of repair and maintenance, which makes it an unattractive choice for many. Finally, its outdated design and lack of modern technology make it stand out in a negative way compared to its competitors. All of these factors make it easy to understand why people don't like Fiat Pandas.

This wasn't from us though, OK. We didn't say it. People did. It definitely wasn't our blog team. But if you're on the market for a new partner, now just  might be the time to contact us and see if we can help you find a more attractive car for you next first date! 

green fiat panda on the road

Mini Cooper

Now, this one is for the ladies who read the blog. What do you guys think of a man driving a Mini Cooper? We have heard that women often don't like men who drive Mini Coopers because they can be seen as trying too hard to be seen as cool and attractive. Mini Coopers are often seen as a symbol of rebellion and can signify someone who is trying too hard to be different or stand out. For some women, this can be an "ick" and can even be seen as immature. Additionally, Mini Coopers can be seen as an impractical car choice as they are smaller and thus may not be seen as the best for  long distance drives. All of these factors can come together to create a negative impression of men who drive Mini Coopers. So beware! 

Blue mini Cooper with white roof

BMW Drivers

This is most definitely a walking ick for many!  Some people view BMW drivers as arrogant and selfish when out on the roads. They often drive aggressively and don't pay attention to other drivers or behave courteously. They are also viewed as show-offs who want everyone to know that they afford to drive an expensive car. How often have you heard "**** BMW drivers!" when on the roads - maybe you have said it yourself! BMWs are often seen as a status symbol, leading some people to think that BMW drivers are only interested in impressing others with their car. This can give the impression that they seem inconsiderate and snobby

Interestingly, in a recent study, the BMWs rival Mercedes was actually viewed in the opposite direction, with 14% of people saying they are attracted to Merc drivers! I have been looking at the A-Class recently actually 🤔💭

Smart Cars

People aren't generally attracted to those who drive Smart cars because of their small size and lack of power. Definitely not seen as a phallic symbol by most of us! Smart cars are also often seen as being too impractical for everyday use, (there is no way my monthly shop would fit in there) and they are often viewed as a sign of financial insecurity. Smart cars also tend to be seen as being less safe than other cars, since they lack the bulk and weight of standard cars. Furthermore, Smart cars tend to be seen as being more expensive than other cars, which can be off-putting to many potential buyers. Finally, Smart cars can tend to be viewed as being less stylish than other cars, and this can be a major turn-off for some people. Sorry Smart Car drivers. It's just the truth - great for parking in a city though!

smart car white and blue with highland cow


So have you recently bought a car you loved at first and now maybe it is totally giving you the "ick"? Happens to the best of us (ahem!) So if you feel you need to move swiftly on, why not read our blog about your rights to return your car or ask for an early resettlement of your car finance. We have you covered! 👍

Carmoola isn’t an evolution of what already exists in car finance. We are entirely reinventing how people pay for cars. We’re getting rid of the past and starting with a clean slate, freeing car buyers from old-school processes so they can enjoy the freedom of driving off in their new car.

If you enjoyed today's blog post, make sure you leave a comment in the section below, and why not check what budget you are eligible for using our Calculator tool? And if you want to see more of our selection of car buys, that aren't "icks" - why not check out our blog on the best small hatchbacks, small luxury cars, or small sports cars - happy car hunting! 😃🚘

See you next time :)