What Does Doctor Who Drive When Away from the Tardis?

As the new Doctor Who season begins to get closer, we can't wait to get a glimpse of what's in store. Today, we move away from the Tardis and into the Doctor Who actors' garages.

Let's get straight into it! 

Who's Doctor Who?

Never watched Doctor Who? Not to worry.

Doctor Who is a fascinating adventure tale that follows the escapades of an extraordinary scientist from the distant planet Gallifrey, home to the Time Lords.

Travelling in the Tardis, an iconic blue police box with more space inside than out, the Doctors and their companions explore all corners of time and space.

But what do the actors who play Doctor Who prefer to use for their trips?

Ncuti Gatwa: Tushek TS 900

Tushek TS900

Ncuti Gatwa actually starred in his very own car commercial! (although it was a game).

Codemasters and Electronic Arts released the GRID Legends ‘Man. Machine’ trailer featuring the award-winning actor.

Starring as Voltz Racing’s leading driver, Valentin Manzi, Ncuti explores the connection between driver and car and the dedication needed to become a racing champion.

Players will learn what it takes to tame a 1332bhp beast and compete in the GRID World Series against Seneca, Voltz, and Ravenwest.

Known for style and elegance, Ncuti shares the spotlight with the Tushek TS 900, complete with its exclusive in-game video. Sounds exciting! 

Jodie Whittaker: Audi A1 Sportback

Audi A1 Sportback

Jodie Whittaker's first love may be Doctor Who, but her second is definitely the Audi!

In a recent interview, she enthusiastically praised their new A1 Sportback and its ability to fit right into city life.

The range of technology in the car suits Jodie perfectly: from streaming music straight via Bluetooth all the way through to displaying speed on-screen with head-up displays.

The Audi A1 Sportback is definitely ideal for any fan who loves a great driving experience.

Peter Capaldi: DMC-12


Peter Capaldi was spotted in the DMC-12, the only car the DeLorean Motor Company ever produced and made famous in Back to the Future.

The DeLorean was created by Doc Brown (in the movie, of course), powered by plutonium, and could time travel.

So, while your latest BMW might boast self-parking, it can’t take you to the 2050s, can it? Then again, the TARDIS might have Peter covered for that. More on that later! 

Matt Smith: Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa-1

We don't have much insight into Matt Smith's current car as he is a pretty private person.

However, in the past, he has made some pretty awesome decisions that benefitted many people, so hats off to him!

Matt Smith bought his Vauxhall Corsa in November 2000 and was affectionately known in his household as ‘The Shed’.

He used the Corsa to travel to and from University before he graduated from Doctor Who school 😂.  

The car went for over 60,000 miles with distinguishing features such as gaffer tape around the door mirror and the standard minor dents/scratches that every old timer has.

However, in 2013, he decided to sell it to raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation due to its idle state on his parent's driveway.

It's not a bad decision, Matt. It's not bad at all! 

David Tennant: Toyota 86

Toyota 86

Known for 'Doctor Who', 'Casanova' and the beloved Harry Potter series, the Scottish actor, David Tennant enrolled for some extra practice behind the wheel at Top Gear.

Accompanied by Chris Harris as his passenger, he may have been too eager to impress! The pair drove off track into one of the foam panels lined it...Oops!

David got quite the fright when skidding off the track, but thankfully, all that was damaged were some minor cosmetic details and nothing more!

Now, with an amusing yet slightly embarrassing tale, this experience will undoubtedly live in infamy as one of Doctor Who's most daring escapades yet.

Talk about close calls!

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